50 Next seeks culinary experts

50 Next, a new initiative by The World's 50 Best Restaurants list (aka 50 Best), is calling young culinary enthusiasts from all countries and backgrounds to be a part of its 2022 selection.

Meant to be a list and not a ranking, 50 Next was formed through robust research and analysis of the 50 Best together with the world-renowned Basque Culinary Center to discover young people under 35 who are shaping the future of food and drink.

It aims to inspire, empower and connect bright young minds at every level of the food chain through a showcase of budding pioneers who have turned their ideas into reality.

The inaugural list was revealed in April. It celebrated a diverse selection of farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs, scientists and activists who have pushed the boundaries and made innovative changes.

The list includes a vegan activist who developed the next generation of plant protein; a medical student who prototyped a machine that reduces odorous microorganisms; a cerebral farmer who turned Peruvian potatoes into wine; an engineer who developed hardware and software solutions that help farmers across Africa reduce post-harvest losses; a turophile who paved a new path for artisanal cheese; and a restaurateur who provides training, skills and jobs to young indigenous people.


Chosen by the 50 Next panels and its official academic partner the Basque Culinary Center, these candidates were from Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Turkey, Singapore, Sweden, UK, the US and more.

The second edition, which will be published in 2022, is now accepting applications online until Sept 22.

Applicants must be 35 years of age or under as of Feb 21, 2022. They can be working at any level of gastronomy and in any area that has a direct impact. The selection may include but is not limited to bartenders, consumers, distributors, non-profit workers, restaurateurs, tech creators, writers and more. Each of them must show clear progress through their work towards a particular goal in the gastronomic realm.

The application form is available online at theworlds50best.com/50next/nominate/self-nomination.

For more information, visit theworlds50best.com/50next.

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