Doggod offers help to our furry friends

Doggod Do Good's 'Luck And Love' collection. (Photos: pichapat mongkolamornpat)

When it comes to expressing affection on Valentine's Day, gifts for the romantic minded could be a bouquet of red roses, love letters or cards, a small box of chocolates or even a fluffy teddy bear. This year, Doggod Do Good would like to spread love to our animal friends by offering the special "Luck And Love" T-shirt collection to raise help for Thailand's animal foundations.

Sadly, around 730,000 dogs in Thailand have been abandoned by their owners. They are left and unwanted on the streets, struggling with road traffic and food shortage. Not only stray dogs and puppies but other animals like cats are suffering from this cruelty.

As Pichapat Mongkolamornpat, Doggod's founder, has noticed this problem and realises those unwanted pets "do not have their own voices", her latest collection features a powerful message to increase public awareness on animal abandonment and protection.

Pichapat lamented: "I am sad and angry that animal rights are violated. They were mistreated, used for entertainment and in experiments. This is not fair at all. They have a heart too.

"As long as our human problems are not over, animal issues will still be marginalised. So I decided to make the luck and love T-shirts to make all things better for every life. All proceeds will go to that exact purpose."

The Luck And Love collection only has 50 pieces for each pattern available at 790 baht. All proceeds will be donated to Thailand's animal foundations.

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