Gucci shows off its playful side

Gucci Beauty's enticing lipstick tubes.

Lipstick is a playful object, according to Alessandro Michele, because it recalls crayons that children colour with. The Gucci creative director also describes lipstick as the most beautiful object in a handbag as the tube is a great expression of design.

Previously launched lipsticks in matte, satin and sheer textures come in a golden tube with ribbed grooves, an Art Deco tube with a decorative pattern, and an ivory-coloured tube featuring a pink rosebud print.

Gucci Beauty's latest Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat is housed in a vintage long tube topped with a gold lid featuring ribbed grooves and finished with gold lettering.

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The frosted tube reveals the transformative liquid lip colour in shades inspired by sunset skies.

The signature 25* Goldie Red has been reworked for the new highly pigmented formula containing black rose oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E that nourish delicate lips.

The starred 25 is a reference to Michele's lucky number. The shades, such as the 25* Goldie Red, Cornelia Pink, Mildred Rosewood and They Met In Argentina, are named after iconic Hollywood movies and characters from the gilded era.

The liquid lip colour is initially creamy before transforming to a powdery matte texture when applied, for a lightweight feeling.

Transfer-proof, it is designed for building and blending, whether the desired look is a soft blur or a defined finish.

For a modern take on the classic red lip, apply a light wash of a soft shade all over the lips and allow it to dry for a few seconds. Next, apply a richer shade to the centre of the lips to create a soft bitten effect. Press the lips together lightly without rubbing them to blend the colours.

Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat in shades inspired by sunset skies.

The matte lips are complemented by intense eyes, using the new Stylo Définition L'Obscur -- a waterproof black felt-tip ink liner with a satin finish.

For a classic flick, draw a straight line from the outer corner of your eye and following the angle of the lower lash line. Then from the end of this line, draw another line to connect back to your eyelid to create a triangle. Fill it in, then look down and draw a smooth line along your lashes using long, slow strokes.

Shot by Mark Peckmezian, the campaign image presents the Stylo Définition L'Obscur and Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat against the backdrop of an idealised sunset and sea view horizon that reflect on the inspiration of the new lippies.

Stylo Définition L'Obscur.

Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat in 25* Goldie Red.

Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat in 25* Goldie Red.

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