Vava water, pure and simple

Kannika Vongkusolkit.

Known for its untouched biological systems and a sanctuary of wildlife, the verdant rainforest of Khao Yai, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is touted as a source of the brand-new Vava premium mineral water to assure a pleasant flavour and benefits.

To allow customers to take in the purity from many beginnings such volcanic strata developed over hundreds of millions of years, the brand officially launched with an exclusive packaging design that enriches the advantages from nature into each bottle.

Under a concept of "From Nature For Nature", the water is then produced to restore harmony to nature by reviving each person's life. Four celebrity guests from various industries -- Niks Anuman Rajadhon, Yossinee Nanakorn, Akarin Siwapornpitak and Kanachai Bencharongkul -- shared their perspectives on the significance of mineral water during the launch gala dinner.

They discussed topics like how the functional advantages of mineral water complement good health and how high-quality mineral water improves the flavour of alcoholic and coffee beverages.

"I usually like to drink mineral water, as it contains various minerals vital to us, such as potassium which helps eliminate wastes, chloride which helps maintain the proper balance of body fluids, and calcium, which supplements bone health. As Vava is sourced from 100% natural origins, we can be assured of receiving the full benefits of minerals," said Yossinee, a TV drama producer, travel YouTuber and cooking personality.

Famous barista Akarin highlighted the relationship between mineral water and coffee brewing, explaining how clear, clean and pure water is the solvent which extracts the aroma and flavour of coffee from the beans, maintaining the coffee's quality. Vava mineral water has a neutral pH level of between 7.4-7.8, which will not distort the coffee taste, but rather enhance the flavour.

Rakpong Chantaramungkorn.

Putthanat Chayaaphinanthakul.

Sarute Limapichat and Savita Sresthaporn.

Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh, Na-Chanok Ratanadaros and Sawitri Rochanapruk.

Akarin Siwapornpitak.

Kanachai Bencharongkul.

Niks Anuman Rajadhon.

Yossinee Nanakorn.

Nanjana Suksadom.

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