Royal Project produce sale in Paragon

photos courtesy of Siam Paragon

A wide selection of fine fresh ingredients will be brought from the mountains to the "Royal Project Gastronomy Festival 2023 @ Siam Paragon" which will take place at Parc Paragon of Siam Paragon, daily from 10am to 8pm from Thursday to Feb 19, and Gourmet Market on the ground floor from Thursday to Feb 22.

Held under the theme "The Wondrous Taste Of Superfood", the festival will feature a variety of nutrient-rich fresh produce sourced from the North, namely grains, vegetables and fruits.

This is an opportunity to shop for mountain-grown brown rice, adzuki beans, quinoa, cold-pressed black sesame oil, cold-pressed flaxseed oil and cold-pressed perilla oil.

Among the highlighted produce will be Royal Project 80 strawberry, cape gooseberry, passion fruit, blackberries, black seedless grapes, Hong Kong kale, wrap lettuce, baby bok choy and baby carrot as well as an assortment of salad vegetables.

Also available will be premium quality processed foods and herbs; handicrafts and products from the Chaipattana Foundation, the Mae Fah Luang Foundation and Doi Kham, and handcrafted items from local communities nationwide.

For tea and coffee lovers, the festival will bring green tea, red tea, oolong tea, Assam tea, Lingzhi herbal tea, roasted coffee beans, capsule coffee, drip coffee and coffee blended with Lingzhi extract.

This year's event will be set in a relaxing atmosphere of a chic flower garden cafe featuring an assembly of various flowers and ornamental plants including Valentine's Day roses in red, pink, old rose, yellow, and white; as well as chrysanthemums, cymbidiums, and potted herbs like rosemary, basil, and mint. All of them will be offered at special prices.

Shoppers will have a chance to sample the delectable signature Royal Project's fresh coffee prepared by experienced baristas who generally offer their coffee cups at the mountain's top.

Meanwhile, Gourmet Market will be serving special dishes at the You Hunt We Cook counter. They include grilled Japanese pumpkin with ragout and three-colour chillies, and brown rice mixed with quinoa served with grilled sea bass and creamy mushroom sauce. The supermarket will also present carrot, tomato and quinoa soup at its soup counter.

More than 20 eateries within the shopping mall will be serving more than 60 special recipes using produce from the Royal Project until Feb 28.

Visit or call 02-610-8000.

Cape gooseberry. Siam Paragon

Candy avalanch rose. Siam Paragon

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