Latest updates from the world of Korean showbiz

Latest updates from the world of Korean showbiz

Latest updates from the world of Korean showbiz

Here are two updates from Korean showbiz this week. First, fans of Korean TV should not miss the superhero series Moving. Second, IU Concert: The Golden Hour will feature on the big screen in Thailand.

Moving. (Photos courtesy of Disney+ Hotstar)


Disney+ Hotstar

Adapted from a Korean webtoon by Kang Full, the TV series Moving kicks off by telling stories of high school students who have to hide their superpowers. Kim Bong-seok, (Lee Jung-ha) who has the ability to fly, has a crush on a new female student Jang Hui-soo (Go Youn-jung) who has regenerative powers.

However, Moving is not a lighthearted teen series. The show takes an intense turn when Frank, an assassin with regenerative powers, appears and starts tracking down and killing people with supernatural abilities one by one.

Some episodes delve into the individual story of each character, exploring various aspects such as romance, friendship, family bonds, action and suspense. The flawless scriptwriting weaves these different storylines together, ensuring a smooth transition between emotions.

With a cast featuring veteran actors like Ryu Seung-ryong, Han Hyo-joo, Zo In-sung and Cha Tae-hyun, the acting is truly impressive. So far, there has not been a dull episode. Three final episodes will be released on Sept 20. Fans of Korean TV should not miss Moving.

IU Concert: The Golden Hour. (Photo courtesy of SF Cinema)

IU Concert: The Golden Hour

SF Cinema

IU Concert: The Golden Hour captures IU's live performance at Korea's Olympic Main Stadium. IU is the first female soloist to hold a concert at the largest stadium in Seoul. The concert showcases IU's versatility and charms as well as features fireworks and drone shows.

The concert will be screened in 4K at 35 branches of SF Cinema nationwide from Sept 18 to Oct 1. Tickets are now available on the SF Cinema app, and SF Cinema box offices. Ticket prices start at 400 baht.

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