Sweet treats from Japan

The Emporium invites those in love with Japanese sweets to the "Emporium Japan Matsuri" festival which features the creativity of wagashi, or traditional Japanese confectionery, for the first time in Thailand from tomorrow until Feb 20.

Presenting their sweet goodies for 10 days will be popular Japanese confectionery brands including Baby Castella, Hanabira Mochi, Jalux, Marvelous Cream, Masatomi, Miki Ojisan, Mother's Crepe, My Bakery and Via Ton Ton.

The tradition of wagashi dates back to 1,300 years ago. It was popular during the Edo period (1603-1867), especially in Kyoto and Tokyo. Shops competed to create new wagashi items to sell. Eventually, it became a national dessert served on important occasions such as weddings and tea ceremonies.

This kind of confectionery owes its unique quality to its creators who were inspired by nature. This theme is seen in yukimochi or snow mochi; sakuramochi dango, which look like colourful meatballs and come with different sauces _ shoyu, bean paste or ground beans with brown sugar; and monaka, which is made of red bean with whole and ground filling between wafers.

Renowned Japanese wagashi artists will give free workshops tomorrow and Sun, Feb 12 at 2pm.

Call 02-259-8345 or 02-269-1000 ext 1084.

The ‘Emporium Japan Matsuri’ festival presents a range of wagashi in artful shapes such as flowers and fruits from tomorrow until Feb 20.

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