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With a unique view on the concept of design, Jordy Fu crosses typical borders, blends genres and pays no mind to traditional design boundaries…

Bangkok is well documented as a design hub of Southeast Asia, home or adopted domain to many a local and international creative. New design firms, boutique fashion stores, art galleries and ateliers pop up in a continuous stream, with no shortage of installations, catwalk displays and exciting exhibitions that launch or bolster the careers of the highly hyped or grossly underrated. From mainstream to extreme niche, residents and tourists never need tire of the creative offerings in the City of Angels.

Chinese-born Yu Jordy Fu is an internationally acclaimed designer, artist and architect. Her realm of expertise is as vast and varied as her extensive list of accumulated awards and commendations. In addition to her aforementioned titles, Jordy is also the CEO, Founding Partner & Group Creative Director of M&J Group, located across Asia and Europe.

M&J pursues an expression of love through design, with a team of highly talented, tech-savvy, closely linked professionals, in art, architecture, urban planning, interior design, exhibitions, fashion and product design, reflecting the skillset of its CEO.

Jordy's serious foray into the world of art and design began earlier than most. She had her first solo art exhibition at the Beijing Capital Museum, aged six, and her artworks have since been published into two books in China.

Later, Ms Fu graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London, in the United Kingdom, and followed that with a Master of Arts in Architecture and Interiors, at the Royal College of Arts, also in London. At 21 years old, Jordy's then design project was exhibited at the Venice Bienniale.

She subsequently worked with various renowned design firms across the globe, before co-founding her own group (

Setting out independently with her business partners, Jordy found a proper outlet for all facets of her prolific creativity: "It wasn't until I co-founded my own company that I really felt like I had found my place in the design world," she explained, "Most design firms are restricted to particular areas of design, but I needed space to express myself in a way that was true to all of my design ideals."

Jordy's work as an artist and fashion designer continues to be commissioned on an international scale, but 'J By Jordy' haute couture collection is her first solo fashion launch.

"I don't see clothes as assembling flat fabrics; they are breathing living beings, for me. My collection mixes the worlds of art and architecture with couture, which is full of movement and sensation," she shares. Jordy is passionate about challenging and transforming convention and tradition in design. Her dream is to make the world a more attractive place through her vision of fashion, art, architecture and design.

"Jordy is an integrated lifestyle brand. Everything is created with a view to making people's lives more beautiful. Right now, under the Jordy brand, I design for fashion, ceramics, architecture, interiors, furniture... There are no boundaries in design for me," she states categorically. "This is the realization of my childhood dreams."

In comparison with most, Jordy's debuts are major achievements others can only aspire to, after years of hard slog, yet it is clearly not by circumstance or good fortune, but rather purely on innate talent and merit. Little surprise is it then to learn that her most recent launch for J by Jordy Spring/Summer 2016 collection, 'White Nebula', was punctuated with an invitation to Arab Fashion Week, last November, in Dubai. She opened the last day of this high profile event, and also had her furniture and lighting installations on display, decorating the VIP rooms and public areas behind the scenes.

"White Nebula was inspired by traditional Chinese paper cutting techniques and meshed with the most contemporary architectural forms." The collection adopted an abstract form, translating the luminescent glow and undulating movement of clouds and sparkling of stars, into wearable luxury fashion pieces and party dresses.

This new couture line features 20 ethereal, romantically styled, sculptural dresses, in pure white, that virtually floated down the catwalk in the UAE. "Dubai is a meeting point for east and west, and a iconic architectural platform. It is a fantastic stage that is reflective of my work and my collection. I was very lucky to have had this opportunity," she expressed with gratitude.

Despite only having been produced in white, client are able to order the current collection in any colour on her chart, with a 25% increase in the standard collection price, and an eight-week production time. Jordy is in the process of opening a store in Dubai, but, presently, orders can be made by contacting Every item is custom-made, upon request. Wedding dresses require a two-week design period, followed by at least eight weeks for production, while evening gowns would usually take around four weeks to manufacture. Base prices for current pieces range from US$800-3,200.

Incredibly intricate and hand-made, some of the more complicated designs require a minimum of 100 hours, while the simpler designs in just silk and satin may take just 40 hours.

Most recently, in Bangkok, Jordy was involved in the December 'Elephant Parade' (www.elephantparadebangkok), the world's largest art exhibition. Artists and celebrities are invited to decorate and hand-paint a herd of 88 one-and-a-half-metre tall elephants, which are exhibited and auctioned off, with the proceeds going to an elephant foundation.

Jordy's elephant has a butterfly motif that can be witness on a few of her J By Jordy dresses. Next, expect to see J Bridal, as her ensuing venture that is already in the pipeline. Each gown is set to be an original work of art, revolving around the theme of love and dreams.

More information on all of Jordy's and M&J's works, visit, or contact

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