Tippatrai Saelawong


Tippatrai Saelawong is a researcher at Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). Policy analyses from the TDRI appear in the Bangkok Post on alternate Wednesdays.

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Tippatrai Saelawong
16 Aug 2017

Tackling 'white elephant' syndrome

Public scrutiny is still necessary to keep government spending in check.

16 Aug 2017 5
23 Dec 2015

Wrist-slap insufficient

Fighting against corruption does not mean only fighting against the embezzlement of public funds or the lack of public governance.

23 Dec 2015 3
Wrist-slap insufficient
5 Aug 2015

Corrupting the media

Spending the public money on government self-promotion like the billboards corrupts neutrality and allows authorities to manipulate the media.

5 Aug 2015 2
Corrupting the media