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A long time popular Bangkok Post columnist. In 1994 he won the Ayumongkol Literary Award. For many years he was Sports Editor at the Bangkok Post.

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Roger Crutchley
27 Nov 2022

It seemed a good idea at the time

The annual elephant festival in Surin attracted more than the usual attention last week after featuring an attempt to enter the hallowed Guinness Book of Records. Alas, the only record achieved was that hundreds of student "volunteers" roasted in the sun, exposed for hours to high temperatures reaching 39C.

27 Nov 2022 6
20 Nov 2022

Nuan is the cat's whiskers at Apec

The most important news emerging from the Apec summit in Bangkok is that it looks like Downing Street's Larry the Cat has finally got some competition in the ranks of feline celebrities. Catching the eye in the Big Mango this week has been Nuan -- a lady cat who has been adopted as the unofficial mascot for the Apec meet.

20 Nov 2022 6
13 Nov 2022

Some nimble footwork might save the day

It's been quite an entertaining week trying to figure out whether or not we will be able to watch the Football World Cup on Thai television. The lively debate has prompted a number of own goals, yellow cards and even a few porky pies.

13 Nov 2022 11
6 Nov 2022

Word of the year is hardly comforting

The most noteworthy news of the week is that Collins Dictionary came out with what it regards are the top 10 words of the year, saying they reflect the state of the world at the moment. It does not make happy reading.

6 Nov 2022 1
30 Oct 2022

The big black door which has no keys

In recent weeks whenever I have switched on the TV news bulletins I seem to have been greeted by the sight of the imposing black door at No 10 Downing Street. It must be the most photographed door in history.

30 Oct 2022 3
23 Oct 2022

A good time to 'keep calm and carry on'

There is definitely a "shifting the deckchairs on the Titanic" feel to the situation in Britain at the moment. If recent political events had been presented as a soap opera script it would have been rejected for being totally unbelievable.

23 Oct 2022 5
16 Oct 2022

Mushrooms make their presence felt

The most exciting news of the week is that mushrooms were found growing on a seat of an active Bangkok bus. In addition to carrying passengers on the No 82 route from Phra Pradaeng to Phahurat, the bus featured a battered seat covered in newly sprouted mushrooms. Alas, the seat has now been replaced by spoilsport officials following complaints from passengers unimpressed by sitting next to a seat covered in fast-growing fungi.

16 Oct 2022 15
9 Oct 2022

A big farewell to a fine Thai journalist

It was sad to learn of the passing of former Bangkok Post colleague Anussorn Thavisin earlier this week at the age of 79. I had known Anussorn for 50 years and apart from him being a really nice chap with a lovely sense of humour, he was also an accomplished journalist widely admired by everyone in the profession.

9 Oct 2022 4
A big farewell to a fine Thai journalist
2 Oct 2022

The soggy socks and sandbags month

Judging from the pervading sense of dampness experienced during the past week we are entering the annual soggy socks season so beloved by the populace. The meteorological office has been getting into the spirit of things with forecasts of heavy rains brought by what began as Typhoon Noru.

2 Oct 2022 15
25 Sep 2022

There's nothing wrong in shedding a tear

I admit to spending the best part of Monday afternoon stoically trying to fight off the teardrops -- and almost managing it. I was watching the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on TV and for an ancient Brit like me it was emotionally exhausting. Please excuse me for the sentimentality.

25 Sep 2022 6