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Bangkok Post columnist

A long time popular Bangkok Post columnist. In 1994 he won the Ayumongkol Literary Award. For many years he was Sports Editor at the Bangkok Post.

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Roger Crutchley

The eyes have it in the big cover-up

Coming from our Not Particularly Surprising News Department is a report that owing to the Covid pandemic lipstick sales have slumped quite markedly. With most people wearing masks there seems little point for the ladies to bother with lipstick.

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2 May 2021

Welcome to the year's merriest month

We are already in the merry month of May, not that there's much to be merry about these days.

2 May 2021 8
25 Apr 2021

New passport, pity about the mug shot

A fortnight ago I picked up my new British passport. It was pleasing to see it had gone back to the traditional black colour and a similar size to the burgundy EU passports Brits have experienced for three decades. Alas, I probably won't be using it very much.

25 Apr 2021 20
18 Apr 2021

Familiar places gone but not forgotten

Last week I was walking along upper Sukhumvit after an excursion to the somewhat inappropriately-named Trendy building on Soi 13. I decided to drop in on my long-time travel agent nearby who I hadn't seen for a while, just to say hello. The lady in charge has an appealing personality and always cheers me up.

18 Apr 2021 19
11 Apr 2021

Mandalay and other magical places

Thanks to many readers who came up with their own memories in response to last week's column about places that sounded quite magical as a kid. Mandalay and Kathmandu were definitely the front-runners at grabbing children's imaginations in the old days.

11 Apr 2021 9
4 Apr 2021

The magical world of far away places

Earlier this week I was chatting with friends about which places around the globe captured their imagination most when they were kids. One was fascinated by Mandalay, while another said Pondicherry caught his eye. Zanzibar was another name that cropped up.

4 Apr 2021 17
28 Mar 2021

Don't worry, be happy … like the Finns

For the second year running Thailand was ranked 54th in the UN-sponsored World Happiness Report which covers 149 countries. It seems that although we have not quite descended into the depths of Les Miserables, Thai people are not exactly dancing in the streets with joy either. However, considering the Covid situation, one suspects there's not one country in the world that is particularly happy.

28 Mar 2021 8
21 Mar 2021

Full of beans, but feeling a bit guilty

With all the tasty food available in Thailand it might seem to be sacrilege that on occasions I am partial to tucking into a bland plate of baked beans on toast. If I haven't tried it for a while it almost feels like a treat. It must be something to do with my heritage, because in Britain more than two million cans of baked beans are consumed every day. That's quite scary.

21 Mar 2021 21
14 Mar 2021

Once upon a time at Windsor Castle

Unless you are lucky enough to be in hibernation, it's been hard to escape the saga of Harry and Meghan and "The Interview" that has developed into a rather uncomfortable public soap opera.

14 Mar 2021 16
7 Mar 2021

It's always 'bath' time in Thailand

Flying in to a very quiet Suvarnabhumi recently I noticed the official ticket for the airport taxi still informs us of an additional "50 bath" (sic) you will be required to pay the driver at the end of the journey. The "bath" has been there since the ticket was introduced six years ago, so you can forgive what few tourists there are these days for believing they will be dealing in "baths" during their stay.

7 Mar 2021 7