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A long time popular Bangkok Post columnist. In 1994 he won the Ayumongkol Literary Award. For many years he was Sports Editor at the Bangkok Post.

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Roger Crutchley
8 Dec 2019

Boris battling Binface and Buckethead

It is hard to get too excited by this week's UK election as it seems to have come down to a question of who is the least unpopular. This is not as simple as it sounds because they are all unpopular, so it could turn into quite an entertaining scrap.

8 Dec 2019 4
1 Dec 2019

Anthem angst and hits the singers hate

Rod Stewart is currently on tour in the UK belting out all his old songs, including Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?, which is admittedly pushing it a bit for someone the age of 74. The old rocker has confessed in the past that he dislikes singing that number, but the fans always demand it. This appears to be an occupational hazard among singing stars.

1 Dec 2019 6
24 Nov 2019

It all began with 'Newsgirl Nan' in 1960

Switch on BBC World Service television and there is a good chance there will be a female news presenter. Among the more familiar faces these days are Lucy Hockings, Sally Bundock, Philippa Thomas and Karin Giannone. I'm always amazed how calm and relaxed they look in what must be such a stressful job.

24 Nov 2019 5
17 Nov 2019

A ray of hope for Bangkok's foot soldiers

It was recently reported that the authorities plan to make life safer for Bangkok's pedestrians by introducing traffic light buttons at 14 zebra crossings. Fair enough. But the worrying thing is that it was presented as some kind of major breakthrough, a ''eureka moment'' for pedestrian safety. Cities around the world have been using this system since the 1960s. Still, it's a start.

17 Nov 2019 7
10 Nov 2019

Why a teen girl in Korat cried all night

It is always uncomfortable to read about hard-working people who are taken advantage of by unscrupulous characters. This appears to be the case with "Orm", a 15-year-old girl in Korat who had been making krathong floats for tomorrow's Loy Krathong festival, only to be arrested and fined for alleged copyright infringement.

10 Nov 2019 12
3 Nov 2019

The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine

Every now and again in Bangkok something triggers memories of childhood days in England. Not far from my current residence a condominium is going up called the Glendale, which was the name of my local cinema back home in Reading.

3 Nov 2019 9
27 Oct 2019

Once upon a time it was smooth as silk

Judging from what a leading executive of Thai Airways International (THAI) said last week, the national airline is in a spot of bother and needs to turn things around quickly. Quite what the solution might be is unclear, although one suspects a "miracle" would come in quite handy. It is common knowledge that things have not been "smooth as silk" for many years.

27 Oct 2019 14
20 Oct 2019

It's time to get the winter woolies out

According to the Meteorological Department, the "cold season" in Thailand officially started last Thursday, although "cool season" is perhaps more accurate. It is helpful that they are so precise about it. A cautious "in the coming weeks" might have been safer, just in case a nasty hot spell pops up and we find tourists flaking out in the streets. You just can't be sure these days of climate change and weird weather.

20 Oct 2019 1
13 Oct 2019

If lost for words, you can try a bit of Latin

In the sometimes entertaining, but often mind-numbing, impeachment debate in the US, something we have been repeatedly hearing lately is the Latin expression "quid pro quo", signifying a favour given in return for something of equal value. Dropping a few Latin words has always been popular amongst politicians, possibly because they think it makes them sound smarter than us ignorant hoi polloi.

13 Oct 2019 21
6 Oct 2019

Dust in the wind and down the throat

You know there's something amiss in Bangkok when you wake up to the sounds of birds coughing. Well maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but this week our feathered friends sounded decidedly under the weather. So it came as no surprise to read the gloomy headlines about "toxic smog" returning to Bangkok.

6 Oct 2019 7