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A long time popular Bangkok Post columnist. In 1994 he won the Ayumongkol Literary Award. For many years he was Sports Editor at the Bangkok Post.

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Roger Crutchley

Back in the cinema again with 007

Just got back from watching No Time to Die, Daniel Craig's fifth and final appearance as James Bond and the 25th film in the franchise. It was quite a decent send-off for Craig and entertaining enough to sit back and enjoy my first visit to a cinema in a couple of years.

10 Oct 2021

Enjoying the delicate sound of thunder

Something you get accustomed to in Bangkok at this time of the year is the distant sound of thunder, Mother Nature's way of reminding us of her power and also not to forget the umbrella if we are going out. I emphasise "distant" because the "flash, bang wallop!" thunderclaps directly overhead can be extremely scary and dangerous. But observing thunder and sheet lightning from a comfortable distance can actually be quite relaxing, almost like listening to the timpani tuning up at the Albert Hall.

10 Oct 2021 13
3 Oct 2021

Hot off the press on Ratchadamnoen Ave

After last week's column regarding old seafaring expressions still in everyday use, I thought we could take a look at a few sayings that have their origins in newspapers.

3 Oct 2021 10
26 Sep 2021

French learn about their Aussie 'mates'

It is encouraging to learn that it is not just Thailand that gets into deep water involving contracts over submarines. France is most upset with Australia for pulling the plug on a nuclear submarine deal, resulting in various shades of not-so-diplomatic name-calling. Standing out was the rather poignant observation from the recalled French ambassador to Australia that "what makes me sad is that we thought we were mates but we were stabbed in the back".

26 Sep 2021 15
19 Sep 2021

Becoming Long John Silver just for a day

Important news. Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, on which everyone is encouraged to speak in the manner of a buccaneer, sea dog, corsair, picaroon or whatever you wish to call them. If you are desperate Captain Jack Sparrow impersonations will suffice.

19 Sep 2021 11
12 Sep 2021

An unlikely place to have a good laugh

The news has been so gloomy lately I have spent some time scouring newspapers for something remotely cheerful to write about … and failing miserably. I would even settle for silly news which is usually abundant in Thailand, but even that is in scarce supply these days.

12 Sep 2021 19
5 Sep 2021

When great debate went into extra time

No-confidence debates like that taking place during the past week have become something of a tradition in Thailand, but it is rare for them to be successful. Perhaps the biggest excitement came some years ago when in the middle of such a debate one MP called a leading a politician a "toad", which didn't go down too well. But at least it livened up proceedings.

5 Sep 2021 4
29 Aug 2021

The most dignified drummer in rock 'n roll

We sadly lost two legendary musicians last week with the passing of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts (80) and singer Don Everly (84).

29 Aug 2021 18
The most dignified drummer in rock 'n roll
22 Aug 2021

A country so different to anywhere else

The dramatic events in Afghanistan inevitably sparked memories of my own brief experiences of the country more than 50 years ago while on an overland trip from London to New Delhi and beyond.

22 Aug 2021 10
A country so different to anywhere else
15 Aug 2021

It's hard to beat a bit of Idle chatter

Thanks to readers for pointing out that in a recent column on quaint place names I failed to mention the village of Idle, now a suburb of Bradford, West Yorkshire.

15 Aug 2021 11
It's hard to beat a bit of Idle chatter