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Bangkok Post columnist

A long time popular Bangkok Post columnist. In 1994 he won the Ayumongkol Literary Award. For many years he was Sports Editor at the Bangkok Post.

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Roger Crutchley
16 Feb 2020

A triumph of imagination over intelligence

I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, but considering the awful events of recent weeks, a bit of "love", however contrived, was a welcome break from the daily diet of depressing news. So this week, it feels like an appropriate time to dwell on matters of the heart, as long as it is not a cardiac arrest.

16 Feb 2020 5
9 Feb 2020

There's still a smile behind the masks

Venturing into central Bangkok these days is bit of a weird experience with nearly everyone, Thais and foreigners alike, understandably wearing face masks as protection from the double threat of caronavirus and dust pollution. The City of Angels is transforming into the City of Masks, but it is encouraging that people are taking the situation seriously. However, it is a strange feeling being in the Land of Smiles but not seeing many grins, owing to the masks. But do not despair. You can still see those Thai smiles in the eyes.

9 Feb 2020 6
2 Feb 2020

Brits can go back to their hot-water bottles

When Britain voted to leave the European Union in 2016, a Newsweek columnist likened it to "a bored nation sticking its fingers into a tempting-looking electrical socket just to see what happens". What happened was far from electrifying, but more than three years of mind-numbing debate and verbal jousting that left most people fed up with the whole thing.

2 Feb 2020 24
26 Jan 2020

Bald pride and the curse of the comb-over

Last weekend, the Bangkok Post published an entertaining letter from the always perceptive S Tsow, who delivered an impassioned defence of being bald. Mr Tsow, who proudly describes himself as "a person of baldness", was particularly upset after observing on television one of Rudy Guiliani's associates (Lev Parnas) brazenly displaying a "cowardly comb-over".

26 Jan 2020 4
19 Jan 2020

The smoking volcano and the disco queen

Nearly eight years ago, an item in this column concluded: "If the Taal volcano does ever erupt again, I'll put on my Donna Summer album for old times' sake." An explanation of this curious combination of a songstress and a volcano is required.

19 Jan 2020 3
12 Jan 2020

Wrong turn in the Valley of Windmills

At my age, any new sensation tends to either be an ache or a pain, however, on New Year's Day I was up at 6am, which was definitely a ground-breaking feeling. I hasten to add this wasn't because I hadn't made it to bed after a night's revelry. Admittedly in the distant past there might have been several occasions in Bangkok when I've witnessed dawn on Jan 1 before hitting the sack, but we won't go into that.

12 Jan 2020 4
5 Jan 2020

Always look on the bright side of life

We have just scraped through the Year of the Porkers and are hurtling into the Year of the Rat, which admittedly doesn't sound too promising.

5 Jan 2020 9
29 Dec 2019

2019 more a celebration of 1969

This past year has been rather unusual in that it marked a host of significant 50th anniversaries.

29 Dec 2019 8
22 Dec 2019

Season of silly hats and hangovers

The festive season -- otherwise known in Thailand as "Jinger Ben" time -- is well upon us, not that there is too much to get festive about.

22 Dec 2019 9
15 Dec 2019

'Flying comma' suffers a bumpy landing

Although it didn't make the headlines, there was a small item of news last week that will sadden those who treasure the English language. It looks like the poor old apostrophe is coming to a full stop. Finally admitting defeat, the chairman of Britain's Apostrophe Protection Society dedicated to preserving the much-abused punctuation mark, threw in the towel and announced it was all over, stating "the ignorance and laziness in modern times have won".

15 Dec 2019 27