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A long time popular Bangkok Post columnist. In 1994 he won the Ayumongkol Literary Award. For many years he was Sports Editor at the Bangkok Post.

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Roger Crutchley
27 Sep 2020

Wagglers, winkers and grasshoppers

A half-hearted spring-cleaning session at home during the week came to a welcome halt when I unearthed a long-lost copy of Have Fun With Thai Proverbs collecting dust under a pile of disintegrating paperbacks. Written by Dr Duangtip Somnapan Surintatip, the book is a reminder that there is a common thread to proverbs around the world. As the title suggests, it can be fun putting long-standing expressions into a Thai context.

27 Sep 2020 10
20 Sep 2020

The everlasting appeal of Mrs Peel

I was saddened to learn of the death of actress Dame Diana Rigg at 82, best known by people of my vintage for her role as Emma Peel, the dynamic comrade of dapper secret agent John Steed in the idiosyncratic BBC series The Avengers. Rigg only appeared in two seasons, 1965-67, but she certainly made her mark, displaying a winning combination of charm, fashion, sophistication and martial arts. She was particularly proficient at karate chops.

20 Sep 2020 16
13 Sep 2020

Memories of serious cereal behaviour

The recent PostScript column concerning the unlikely combination of bathroom submarines and cornflakes prompted a number of seasoned readers to recall their childhood breakfast delights.

13 Sep 2020 17
6 Sep 2020

No dodgy dealings today, thank you

Thailand marks its annual National Anti-Corruption Day today, which might possibly prompt a few wry smiles in certain quarters. Still, for 24 hours at least, we can be assured no one will be on the fiddle, or at least seen to be on the fiddle. No shady deals or siphoning of funds. No oiling of the wheels. It is indeed a time to rejoice.

6 Sep 2020 20
30 Aug 2020

Naval skirmishes among the soapsuds

The current debate concerning the purchase of submarines has sparked memories of some important naval battles I experienced as a kid. Well okay, it was in the murky waters of my bath and featured plastic toy submarines, but they were still memorable confrontations.

30 Aug 2020 13
23 Aug 2020

Things are warming up in Death Valley

The other day I was sitting in the garden fighting another losing battle with the cryptic crossword, but the afternoon heat was taking its toll -- it was the standard 34ºC -- and when several blobs of sweat landed on No.4 down, it felt prudent to admit defeat and retreat indoors.

23 Aug 2020 9
16 Aug 2020

Just another case of terminal madness

Last weekend there was bit of a scene at Don Mueang airport when a passenger, after being told he was too late to board a domestic flight, decided the best response was to pick up the AirAsia computer laptop and smash it on the floor. Not a good idea.

16 Aug 2020 9
9 Aug 2020

All the news that's fit to print

The news hasn't been particularly uplifting recently, has it? Open the paper, or switch on the television news any morning and there is a good chance you will feel like going straight back to bed and starting the day all over again.

9 Aug 2020 9
2 Aug 2020

August can be a very wicked month

My goodness, we are already into August, but with the coronavirus it feels like the year has hardly got started. Six months seem to have simply disappeared and worse, I've got a year older with nothing to show for it but a few more wrinkles. I also have an uncomfortable feeling I will still be wearing a face mask next August.

2 Aug 2020 13
26 Jul 2020

Desperate times for the old normal

Every now and again a buzzword or phrase appears which you know is not going away in a hurry, although you wish it would. One such expression which we have become accustomed to in recent times is "new normal". Admittedly it sounded quite trendy and even clever when it first emerged, but it has been so overused it is already something of a cliche.

26 Jul 2020 15