Songkran Grachangnetara


Songkran Grachangnetara is an entrepreneur. He graduated from The London School of Economics and Columbia University.

Songkran Grachangnetara
5 Dec 2015

What's the right kind of love for King and country?

When it comes to fierce, honest debates, the clashing of opposing ideas and rousing Churchillian speeches...

5 Dec 2015 5
3 Nov 2015

Art of adaptation

And here are the inconsistencies: If oversight halted Pheu Thai's 2-trillion baht train, where is the oversight of the junta's 3-trillion baht project?

3 Nov 2015 8
6 Oct 2015

Build bridges, not walls

The single-gateway internet has nothing to do with protecting the public interest by fighting crime but aims entirely to crack down on dissenting opinions.

6 Oct 2015 6
28 Sep 2015

Time to face reality

Prime Minister Prayut says the newly unearthed guardian deities can ward off misfortune, but that is wrong: It has nothing to do with bad luck.

28 Sep 2015 5
Time to face reality
21 Sep 2015

PM in the lion's den

At the United Nations in New York, Gen Prayut will have to adjust his attitude to account for a Rottweiler press trained to tear away any attempted spin.

21 Sep 2015 12
PM in the lion's den
9 Sep 2015

Learn from Britain

In this struggle for the nation's soul, Thais must choose wisely - a model like Britain, say, over a despotic model like China or North Korea.

9 Sep 2015 9
1 Sep 2015

A crippling blow

This proposed 20th constitution is a nasty piece of work, an insult to the memories of those who gave their lives fighting for a real democracy.

1 Sep 2015 6
18 Aug 2015

Fear of the future

The "crisis panel" is even worse than the man who cut off his legs to account for a low ceiling, because it institutionalises military coups.

18 Aug 2015
4 Aug 2015

Irrelevant Democrats

The spirit and lifeblood of the oldest existing Thai political party is at stake but it has to stop being political flunky for Mr Suthep's PDRC extremists.

4 Aug 2015 12
Irrelevant Democrats
28 Jul 2015

On openness

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen came to Bangkok for a lecture and seminar, and the contrast inside the room and what the government is doing was enormous.

28 Jul 2015 4