Guru Mahafacebook Twitedarma

Guru Mahafacebook Twitedarma

Brothers, I have wonderful news to share with you this blessed of days.

I have a new guru, the light of my life, bringer of enlightenment, liberator of the forgotten souls and rejuvenator of ideals and blessed interaction of the human race. My leigh, my guru, my everlasting companion who walks with me.

He is called Guru Mahafacebook Twitedarma, he is one but he has millions of faces, some say close to a billion, and twice that number in arms! He is everywhere, but he is nowhere, he cannot be seen, only small parts of him are revealed to those who are not in the blessed friends list. He is female and he is male, he is never asleep, always posting, usually eating, most of the time something very unhealthy, but hey, what can you do, he is logged on even when he is logged off and the most important part of his appearance in my life is that he sends me messages.

They are usually square, to represent the four dimensions of creation, have some fuzzy background image, which is taken from the books of the 14th century Slovenian monk called Saint Appsalonous Kleine, (who was more known for his iconographic treatments of Mother Mary in spring break, the revelation of the playing poker dogs and other forgotten masterpieces) and these messages on jpeg layers of ancient photoshopped parchment carry the truth.

I kid you not; it is within the pages of Facebook that I have discovered the new truth. They got one thing right _ we are lazy. Oh, so very very lazy. Once we don't even have to copy and paste, but just press share, and once you don't have to even comment but can just press like, we really do pass along the voice of truth.

Some of the favourites that roam the Facebookverse are: "The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind." Can't get more truth than that, and still it got thousands of "shares" which is nice. It is around 5% of the shares the sneezing panda got, but hey, you can't really compete with sneezing pandas, can you?

Here's another one for you: "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" Which is again, an extremely valid question, and even properly staged and structured to give the maximum effect. Again, I have to stop and say _ and this is on Facebook.

Final nail in the coffin _ "The most common way people are giving up their power is by thinking they don't have any _ Alice Walker". I sent this one to my 14-year-old niece.

And these are random finds from occasional visits to Facebook. People are sharing pearls of wisdom, nicely wrapped in a graphic format, and these pieces of thoughts are bouncing back and forth throughout the whole net.

I do not delude myself for a second to think that my new guru is a faithful one, and I know that the lion part of humanity are still talking about the Whitnies and the Kardashians of the world, but these small seeds of optimism and of enlightenment are a good sign.

A very good sign.

One more wise thought out there, is always a good thing. One more funny and witty eye-opener doing its good work? That is a good thing. Slowly.

And as my Facebook wall showed me today, with a photo of a small sprout crushing the asphalt towards the Sun: "Never underestimate the power of persistence."

And the guru will show me the way.

Blessed be Guru Mahafacebook Twitedarma!

Let us close our eyes and log in.

Boaz Zippor is an artist, writer, poet and rambling ranteur living in Bangkok.

His weird views are featured in his personal article reservoir at

Boaz Zippor


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