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Sour side of sugar

It is interesting to see how the sugar industry has come out against the ban on the three harmful pesticides. The industry claims the ban will drive up the price of sugar. Somehow, the health of consumers and those who work in the industry does not factor into the equation. Everything is always evaluated in profit margins. The price hike would be enough to drive consumers away from sugar in general. I say, good riddance. Reducing sugar consumption would be a healthier decision for all. In fact, a cut to all sweeteners -- natural or artificial -- should be paramount to one's health and well-being.

Jack Gilead

Warren for Thai PM?

Re: "Warren has US billionaires running scared", (Opinion, Nov 14).

I wish Thailand had an Elizabeth Warren government. Maybe then there wouldn't be one million poor people for every two billionaires in the country.

A Reader

Creative accounting

Re: "THAI hopes to pare losses to B2.2 billion", (BP, Nov 13).

We are all amazed that THAI has now managed to lose an incredible 8 billion baht of its projected 10-billion-baht loss. But is that an actual loss in the loss, or is it creative accounting? Where has that lost 8-billion-baht loss gone?

But regardless of this amazing misplacement of 8 billion baht, it remains unjustifiable to expect that we the taxpayers hand over even another 2.2 billion baht to further fund the persistent incompetence and general failure that characterises the disgraceful white elephant that is THAI.

Felix Qui

Baseless diet attacks

Re: "Cancer in the workplace: Integrative and preventive healthcare", (Business, Nov 12).

According to the article, a healthy, plant-based diet is too expensive for some people. Unless the article is referring to people who only eat organically-grown food, which is not a requirement for a healthy diet, the article is senseless. As reported in the Huffington Post, the average American vegetarian saves about US$750 (about 23,000 baht) on their annual food bill.

Here in Chiang Mai, there are vegetarian restaurants where I can have a big meal for as little as 40 or 50 baht. While not all vegetarian restaurants here are that cheap, it's complete insanity to suggest that only wealthy people can afford plant-based diets. Why all these baseless attacks against vegetarians?

Eric Bahrt

We can do better

I just returned from a family vacation in Kenya and was quite amazed and impressed that this African country had implemented one of the strictest bans on single use plastic items in the world. Prior to the ban two years ago, Kenyans were using over 10 million plastic bags per year.

On our week-long trip in Kenya, we did not see one plastic bag or plastic foam take-away carton being given out at any location; convenience stores, shopping malls, restaurants, super-markets, street food stalls, etc.

They now use paper or reusable cloth products. The manufacturing or importation of single-use plastic bags is forbidden by law, and distribution by commercial entities can bring a fine of up to US$40,000 (about one million baht) and/or four years in jail. It saddened me to see the amount of plastic waste being produced on a daily basis upon my return to Thailand. Surely Thailand can do better!

Buathong Klomthaisong

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