Abuse is no surprise

Re: "French Catholic Church inquiry finds 216,000 sex abuse victims from 1950," (BP, Oct 5).

Yes, the numbers are horrifying, but that there were "some 216,000 victims of paedophilia from 1950 to 2020" at the blessed hands of French Catholic priests, deacons and other clergy is not surprising.

The Catholic Church is not special. It is just one more ideology of zealous true believers doing exactly what is done by despotic institutions, whether sacred, secular or both. Has there ever been any exception? Has any revered and sacred institution protected from transparency and accountability ever acted differently?

It is certain, by the very laws and social taboos against free speech with which they veil their acts from fair comment, that there can be no credible denial of what appears a most likely truth.

The Catholic Church has merely done what all such unspeakable institutions have always done in their dark places veiled from public scrutiny and just exposure. Unless called to account by the superior morals of liberal democracy founded on ideals of reason and humanism, it will continue to act as it has for at least the past 1,600 years. That is what all such despots naturally do.

Why else would they need secrecy, gorgeous dress, huge statuary, monumental architecture, and taboos to hide behind?

Unfair reporting

Re: "US rape suspect caught in capital, blames drugs for Khon Kaen attack," (BP, Oct 3).

The heinous attacks against the masseuse and teenage girl in Khon Kaen deserve swift and harsh action by the judicial system. There are no acceptable excuses for such despicable acts.

My concern, however, is the manner in which this case has been plastered on the front pages of every newspaper in the country, including the Bangkok Post.

There are literally hundreds of such crimes committed in Thailand every week. The vast majority go ignored and unreported by the media.

Apparently, the media considers it big news when such crimes are perpetrated by a foreigner. The end result of such sensational and exceptional reporting, however, is to stoke the already-inflated xenophobia that far too many Thais harbour.

Of course, exploiting that xenophobia reinforces convenient stereotypes and perhaps sells more newspapers.

Blind to the light

Re: "Let's see action," (PostBag, Oct 4).

I agree with Alan Beale about the motorcycles on the pavement. Remember when they were told to keep off the pavement? But that is forgotten.

They drive and park wherever they want. Come to Thong Lor, look around the police station and you will usually see quite a few motorcycles parked there; more than once I complained and asked where we should walk when the police have parked their bikes there.

Another thing is that just in front of Thong Lor station they have installed a traffic light. Do you think cars and bikes stop for the red light?

One day I was just going to cross, two policemen came from the opposite side of the road when a car came past, not stopping for the red light!

I had to point out for them that the car just drove through. People just don't respect the police.

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