No river respite

Re: "River ways", (PostBag, Feb 4) and "Ferry fever", (PostBag, Feb 3).

In response to P DE P's letter about noisy shuttle boats going back and forth from Iconsiam to Saphan Taksin Pier, and David Barkdull's reasonable response, I would say those shuttle boats do not bother me at all.

The big floating "princess" restaurants just come and go though the music is sometimes very loud. Still, these boats are no problem at all and they belong to the river and are part of its charm.

When it comes to noise terror, the real problem is the permanently docked "Bangkok Island" boat and its almost daily concerts.

They play rave, techno and American house music with a very strong bass, and drumming with a loud and monotonic rhythm. It is impossible to get any sleep during these nightmare concerts.

The boat is permanently docked at Charoen Krung Soi 57 Pier, the southern side of the Taksin Bridge. We are unlucky because we live just on the other side of the river. Is there anything anyone can do to end this noise terror?

He makes the law

Re: "PM vows not to cling to power", (BP, Feb 5).

You report that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said, "I will stay on as long as the law allows. I am bound by the law, and cannot do anything at will".

Does he realise the supreme irony of this comment?

He came to power by breaking the most fundamental laws by overthrowing a duly-elected government, and since his illegal usurping of power in 2014, has often ruled by decree and proclamation.

In many respects Prayut Chan-o-cha is the law, a law unto himself.

Sausage pickle

Re: "Cops raid sausage factory as kids fall ill", (BP, Feb 4).

Nine kids have developed a blood disorder after eating sausages from an unnamed Chon Buri factory. The factory owner admitted to making products without the required permits for five years.

He didn't observe good manufacturing procedures, and displayed false product labels.

The case reeks of corruption, for how could the owner get away with breaking the law for so long?

For starters, the head of the government's factory permit division and his subordinate responsible for Chon Buri should be fired for incompetence and investigated for corruption.

All food factories nationwide also should be checked to see if they are qualified to make the products they sell.

Not so generous

Re: "Foreign property lures are rejected", (BP, Jan 22).

Hopes for foreigners to have increased ownership rights were dashed late last month when the government rejected proposals regarding condo quotas and extended leasehold rights.

It seemed to hold out one nugget of hope though: it agreed in principle to allow foreigners to hold land ownership of one rai for residential purposes.

However, a quick Google search reveals that this entitlement already exists under Thai law!

But before anyone gets too excited, the same source says that permission for foreign land ownership under section 96 of the Land Code Act is rarely sought or granted.

In other words, this exercise in deception -- pretending to consider offering added incentives for foreigners to relocate to Thailand -- is just that.

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