Time for a photo-op?

Re: "Capital vote 'not a bellwether'", (BP, May 24).

We are regular daily readers of the Bangkok Post who have run marathons in Thailand, and we teach long distance to students across the country. We've lived in Thailand since 2011 and taught in the country before Covid. Recently, we saw a photo of governor-elect Chadchart jogging in Lumpini Park. What a great photo showing his strength and vitality!

However, we had not noticed his shoes! Our sharp-eyed student noticed them at once. "Look at his shoes!" one of them hollered to us over Zoom. And then we saw it, two different shoes. Did your reporter notice this? Why two different shoes? Any runner will see this is as most unusual.

And then together we came up with a great idea. The Post should contact PM Prayut and suggest that he join the new governor for a morning run together in Lumpini Park.

Gen Prayut could show his support for the new governor and they could become friends. It would make a great "photo-op" for both men!


Uncouth Westerners

Re: "Tourists give thumbs-up to new rules", (BP, May 2).

There are an increasing number of Western tourists walking around Thailand without face masks -- even in shops and crowded places. Who knows if they have been vaccinated or are indeed infected carriers.

Authorities do nothing to enforce the face mask rule. On a crowded Thai Airways International flight to the UK, again some tattooed tourists were refusing to wear face masks. Thais on that flight were very uncomfortable with this, yet the cabin crew said and did nothing.

Imagine being trapped on a 12-hour flight with these morons standing around in the aisles and being crammed next to one in a seat. Nowhere is a better breeding ground for Covid than planes. Authorities and Thai Airways should get their act together.

These uncouth Westerners show great selfishness and a lack of respect for Thailand's rules and other people.


No joking matter

Re: "Human trafficking a 'regional issue'", (BP, May 24).

As the deluded Thai delegation to the US is pleading for an amendment of the forthcoming TIP report and blaming human trafficking as a regional problem, not as a fault of any individual state, one has to consider it as a big joke.

Also propagated by the real "Big Joke" aka Police General Surachate Hakparn.

Would he therefore please explain whose fault, hence which state is responsible for the sad and well documented fact that humans are trafficked in and through Thailand in such large numbers?

That is not a joke!


Unspoken truth

Re: "Judicial precedent 'needed' to prevent coups" (BP, May 22).

It was very nice of the Post to interview Khun Abhisit Vejjajiva, the former leader of the Democrat Party on the eighth anniversary of the last coup for no just reason whatsoever, but the most telling point that shines out in the interview is the one not spoken.

It's all very academically interesting to speculate about the potential role of the courts in interpreting the law and deciding matters in accordance with the law.

They have no power to make law. That is something that those who plot and commit coups arrogate to themselves, along with the amnesties that they legally award themselves.

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