Cop bribery queries

Re: "DSI suspends five officers suspected in Nauru consul embezzlement case," (BP, Jan 22) and "DSI must clear up image," (Opinion, Jan 20).

Regarding reports on officials from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and the police bribery scandal involving the residential home of the former consul-general of the Republic of Nauru in Sathon district, where 11 Chinese criminal suspects were hiding, a few questions arise.

Who is the person who provided shelter to the 11 Chinese criminal suspects, including one flagged in Interpol's Red alert? Flagged with a red alert by Interpol, how do our Thai immigration police allow him to enter Thailand s airport? At the same time, how come the Chinese immigration police allowed him to leave China? Under which police station's jurisdiction is the house of the former consul being subjected?

On the recently transferred ex-DSI director Khun Traiyarit Temaihong, who was the boss of those who allegedly bribed DSI officers, is he unaware of the bribery of 9.5 million baht?

If so, that translates to the belief that junior officers can have the luxury and liberty to extort and collect bribes in the millions without the knowledge of their superiors.

Which ministry is the DSI under the jurisdiction of? The responsible minister should bear responsibility or even resign without further delay because their level of management abilities is now in question.

Even the PM should show responsibility -- ie, resign in order to save the country's integrity. Dear Gen Prayut khraap, are you listening?

Jayut Jayanandana

Keeping it relevant

Re: Political cartoon, (Opinion, Jan 24).

More and more, the Bangkok Post is filling its editorial pages with syndicated articles and cartoons which have little relevance to the interests of readers in Thailand. Today's political cartoon about George Santos is a good example.

What is more, the meaning of the cartoon totally escapes me.

There is a caption, "Here lies CD-3".

According to my research, CD-3 is a protein complex and T cell co-receptor, which makes no sense in the context of the cartoon about George Santos.

Can somebody please enlighten me?

David Brown

Freebie condoms

Re: "Govt to distribute free condoms to Gold Card subscribers," (BP, Jan 23).

I have long advocated for free condoms for anyone. I bet if you spoke with women the world over, especially in poor countries, nearly all would say they don't want a bunch of kids -- or that one or two kids is enough. Yet many of those women don't have access to condoms or birth control. Add to that, many husbands/boyfriends and/or religions disapprove of condoms.

Along with that, in parts of central Africa, a man with HIV/Aids is taught that if he has unprotected sex with a virgin, his Aids will be cured. Not a great place to be a girl. To take protection (against STDs and unwanted babies) a step further: there should be a government programme that provides free tube-tying surgery to any consenting man or woman over age 20. That sort of programme is going on in parts of India, which is poised to become the world's most populous country soon.

Ken Albertsen
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