Civilians the target

Re: "This must stop" (PostBag, Feb 10) & "Settler colonialism for the sincere", (Opinion, Feb 9).

Once again I am grateful to Colin Roth for his input to the Israel genocide debate. It is obvious from recent developments that Israel has no intention to abide by the rulings of the International Court at the Hague, and is bent on bombing Rafah -- a Palestinian city in the southern Gaza Strip, known for its dense civilian population.

The history of Gaza has yet to be written, and when the time arrives it will show that more civilians died of lack of food, water and medical treatment than the 26,000 already decimated by the Israeli army. This outcome may be an unintentional result of the onslaught by Israel on the Palestinian people or could be the original intention of the Israeli leadership.

If the court at the Hague were to find against Israel on the charge of genocide, it is only appropriate that as the next step Israel could find itself the accused in a Nuremberg-style criminal court.

George Redelinghuys
A man of his word?

Re: "Pita under fire over horn stunt", (BP, Feb 10).

To the uninitiated observer of Thai politics, this news would seem like Pita Limjaroenrat has yet again been blamed for an insignificant and cooked-up offence.

However, if one looks at the relationship between Mr Pita and Ms Tantawan Tuatulanon during the past few years, one would raise an eyebrow and ask, "What the heck is going on?"

Mr Pita is a candidate for prime minister of Thailand, and Ms Tantawan a political activist, who is still a student and a minor. If the two were in any other democratic nation, their paths would most likely never cross. But this is Thailand, where any discrepancy is possible.

Recently, when Ms Tantawan was arrested and being charged with a lese-majeste offence, Mr Pita bailed her out and assured the court that he would see to it that Ms Tantawan would not repeat such a crime again. Now, most observers are positive Mr Pita has failed in his obligations to the court, and the evidence seems overwhelming.

For those who want more details about these two people, please do your research before venturing your opinions.

Vint Chavala
Air luggage debate

Re: "Price far too high", (PostBag, Feb 10).

Regarding the letter written by S de Jong, after further contact with Thai Airways about "sky-high prices," I found the official price which Thai Airways charges Europe to Bangkok is $70/kg. I was only charged $45 as I booked early.

The baggage was booked on the mobile site and I could not find any indication of prices.

I also inquired about how these prices were set by Thai Airways compared to other international carriers, I await their reply.

All good profits go to the executives. Maybe...

Perhaps the millions of tourists that visit Thailand yearly should wait for a reply from Thai Airways before making a decision on which carrier to use when coming to Thailand.

Simon Collins
Oops, I forgot

Re: "Trump would undo Biden gun restrictions if he wins", (World, Feb 11).

Is it true that President Biden is suffering from memory issue? Be warned that there are two symptoms of old age -- loss of memory, and I forgot the other!

Eric Bahrt
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