Curbs put on prices of masks

Curbs put on prices of masks

The cabinet on Tuesday made face masks and hand sanitisers price-controlled products in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and nationwide air pollution, deputy government spokeswoman Racha­da Thanadirek said.

The cabinet passed the Commerce Ministry's proposal banning surgical face masks, polypropylene or spunbond non-woven fabric used for the production of masks, and alcohol-based hand sanitisers from being sold above recommended retail prices.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had earlier dismissed reports that supplies of face masks were running low and those that are available are being sold at high prices.

"If the price of face masks is very high, call a hotline so we can make arrests. But be careful if your claims are groundless," he said.

Upon being made aware that packs of face masks are being sold for 450 baht, Gen Prayut said: "They are definitely expensive at 30-40 baht per piece. Normal face masks cost no more than 5 baht.

"Why don't these stores buy from factories which can produce a million pieces? How can you say your supplies are running out when you don't buy them?"

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