'Mr Prima' held yet again

'Mr Prima' held yet again

A Belgian man has been arrested for illegal entry after having worked here for four years in the entertainment business.

The man, identified only as "Mr Prima", 49, was nabbed in a rental apartment in Wang Thonglang district of Bangkok.

Immigration Bureau (IB) commissioner Sompong Chingduang said yesterday that Mr Prima, who speaks Thai fluently, was arrested in Thailand 20 years ago, then deported, for allegedly forging official documents.

He attempted to re-enter the country in 2014 but was turned away at Suvarnabhumni Airport because he had been blacklisted.

He then went to live in Myanmar and Cambodia for two years before sneaking back into Thailand and staying after he was offered roles as an extra in TV series and films.

Meanwhile, the IB announced that a Myanmar man named Sao, 39, had been detained for allegedly possessing 118kg of powdered kratom in Samut Sakhon.

The powder was to be sold to fellow migrant workers by the bottle, priced from 100-150 baht. It was to be used with cough syrup to create an energy boost.

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