Phuket restricts workers' movements

Phuket restricts workers' movements

Phuket governor Narong Woonciew at Tuesday's press conference on the latest Covid-19 prevention measures.
Phuket governor Narong Woonciew at Tuesday's press conference on the latest Covid-19 prevention measures.

PHUKET: New measures have been ordered by the provincial communicable disease committee to curb the latest outbreak of Covid-19, which has been linked to workers' camps, factories and other workplaces on the island.

Governor Narong Woonciew said on Tuesday the order was approved by the committee on Monday, effective from Aug 17 until futher notice.

Under the order, workers must remain at one job site and not move to another. 

Employers are to test workers for Covid-19, using antigen test kits, once a week. If fewer than 10% of the workers are found positive they must be moved to a prepared facility for further testing to confirm the result, and subsequent treatment. Those who test negative can continue to work but are still subject to regular Covid-19 testing.

If more than 10% of the workers are found to be infected with the virus, employers are required to find a place to quarantine for all workers for 14 days.

While in quarantine, employers must provide the workers with food, drinking water and other necessities and ask for medicines and basic medical supplies from a local state hospital.

For migrant workers who do not stay at a campsite, if found positive by antigen testing they are to contact a community isolation centre or call 099-3144838 for initial treatment.

Local administration organisations are to prepare a community isolation centre in every tambon.

All workers, be they Thai or migrants, are prohibited from eating or drinking liquor in groups in violation of the safety rules.

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