Director laments fondling clip

Director laments fondling clip

STREET TALK: Fathers need to respect boundaries especially with young kids

Jakkawal Saothongyutitum, also known as Neung Jakkawal.
Jakkawal Saothongyutitum, also known as Neung Jakkawal.

Well-known music director Jakkawal Saothongyutitum, also known as Neung Jakkawal, has bowed to criticism over his social media post in which he was seen touching his 9-year-old daughter's buttocks and stomach during play.

Jakkawal offered an apology to his followers in an Instagram post saying: "I apologise to all of you for what happened and thank you everyone for the concern.

"I accept the opinions of those who view this as inappropriate and I will from now on be more careful in expressing my love to my child," he wrote.

"Anyway, I still support the expression of love and affection which respects the right of every member of the family."

After the video was released on TikTok, social media took it up with gusto, with the phrase "Neung Jakkawal" mentioned more than 1.84 million times on Twitter as of press time on Wednesday. The furore prompted reactions from celebrities and child activists.

Piyawat "PK" Kempetch, a radio DJ, said on a morning programme that Jakkawal owed the public an explanation, while DJ Warinda "Dada" Damrongphol said every father should think twice when it comes to expressing affection for their pre-teen daughter through touch.

Assoc Prof Dr Jirapon Arunakul, a paediatric and adolescent expert at Ramathibodi Hospital, said she was worried by what she saw in the clip. "Expression of love and affection has its limits and should never be done in a way that will cause the recipient to feel awkward.

"Play between members of the family should never involve the touching of private parts such as buttocks, breasts and genitals," she said.

"Most children are not aware that inappropriate touching can lead to sexual harassment, so it is important to teach them, both at home and at school, to not let strangers touch their bodies," said Suphensi Phuengkhoksung, director of Social Equality Promotion Foundation.

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