Chuvit accused of defaming BJT Party

Chuvit accused of defaming BJT Party

Bhumjaithai's 400 potential election candidates have been asked to file defamation complaints against former politician Chuvit Kamolvisit, in an apparent counter attack after the massage parlour tycoon vowed to "destroy" the party.

Party registrar Supachai Jaisamut said Mr Chuvit's recent attacks against Bhumjaithai (BJT) appear to be a concerted attempt to undermine the party's popularity in the lead-up to the upcoming election.

Mr Supachai then called out Mr Chuvit for allegedly disregarding official investigation processes.

"Other government organisations affected by Mr Chuvit's criticisms are also expected to file legal complaints against him," he said, adding he believes they have been defamed by Mr Chuvit as well.

These organisations include the Ministry of Transport, SRT and MRTA, he said.

He was apparently referring to alleged irregularities pointed out previously by Mr Chuvit in the bidding process for the Orange Line project overseen by the Transport Ministry, under Minister Saksayam Chidchob of Bhumjaithai.

"Bhumjaithai would ask the Election Commission (EC) to prosecute Mr Chuvit for intentionally creating public misunderstanding about the party -- and it was a criminal offence," Mr Supachai said. "Prospective Bhumjaithai candidates would file complaints with EC officials in their respective provinces."

The EC is required under Section 73 of the organic law on the election of members of parliament to be responsible for ensuring that no one is defamed, especially in a way that may impact his or her popularity in an election, he said.

Upon hearing about it, Mr Chuvit said he was not afraid. "I will file a counterclaim against [the potential Bhumjaithai candidates] because I have money," he said.

He said he will today submit a petition to the EC asking it to consider dissolving Bhumjaithai. He said he has strong evidence that can lead to its dissolution.

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