5 events to tout medical cannabis opportunities
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5 events to tout medical cannabis opportunities

Three wellness and two medical cannabis events will be launched to explore business opportunities while destigmatising its medical usage.

The CISW Holding Group, in collaboration with CISW International, CISW Green World and CISW European Wellness World, on Wednesday organised a press conference on the launch of their 5 medical cannabis-related events.

Two of them are CISW MedCann Investment Summit World (CMCI 2023), which will be held on Dec 20 at the InterContinental Hotel, and CISW MedCann Festival International (CMCF 2024), which is due to run from April 25-28, 2024, at Central Pattaya.

Jacky Ong, the CISW Holding Group chairman who also serves as chair of the CMCI and CMCF, said the former event was being organised for the 4th time, buoyed by the success of last year's edition in Malta. He said it would provide insights into B2B investment opportunities for medical cannabis.

"CMCI 2023 will offer attendees insights into the latest advances, new investment opportunities, cutting-edge science, and therapeutic breakthroughs, positioning Thailand as the global hub for medical cannabis research and innovation," Mr Ong said.

CMCF 2024 will be organised as a promotional festival, he added.

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