Kasing Lung, the artist behind Labubu
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Kasing Lung, the artist behind Labubu

From Sketchbook to Global Recognition: Kasing Lung, the Artist Behind Labubu

Exploring the creative mind behind Labubu and how the iconic character was created.


  • Name: Kasing Lung
  • Born: 1972
  • Nationality: Hong Kong-born, raised in the Netherlands
  • Known for: Labubu character figures 
  • Instagram: @kasinglung


Labubu, the creature with a mischievous grin is all over social media. But who is the artist behind this quirky and whimsical character? Kasing Lung, the creator of Labubu, inspired by folklore and children's limitless imagination, creates vivid characters and playful worlds with a mysterious undertone.

Early Life and Background  

Kasing Lung was born in 1972, in Hong Kong. He and his family moved to the Netherlands at a young age. While growing up there, he became interested in ferries and elves found in Nordic folklore tradition which influenced his work until this day.  

In an interview with HYPEBEAST, Kasing described that his childhood influenced the fairy tale world he created, saying "When I was a child, I liked to read storybooks and was influenced by ancient European elf legends. At that time, there were no game consoles or computers, so I had to draw dolls with a pen, so I had the idea of painting fairy tales since I was a child."

While living in Belgium, Kasing worked as a children’s book illustrator and became the first Chinese winner of the Illustration Award in Belgium. In 2010, he transitioned from a professional illustrator to a toy designer. He returned to Hong Kong in 2012 to work with How2work, a renowned joy brand in Hong Kong to publish Chinese Illustration story books and collectible figures series. “My Little Planet” was published in Taiwan in 2013 and was the first Chinese illustration book he published.  

Working between Belgium and Hong Kong, he soon gained increasing popularity creating high-demand illustrations and collaborating with creatives and writers. His 2014 children's illustration book “Lizzy Wil Danssen” was curated by the renowned author Brigitte Minne. The book became well-received translated and sold in many languages in Europe and around Asia. 

Rise to Prominence 

The popular character of Labubu and the mystical world Kasing created was conceived back in 2015. The distinctive characters and vivid world soon became popular with art lovers and later, captured the wider public attention and became highly sought after.  

The Monsters” is a collective of characters which are both good and evil, these include Zimomo, Tycoco, Spooky and the most famous, Labubu. The smiling monster with high, pointed ears and serrated teeth, gave off a malicious first impression. In Kasing Lung’s story, Labubu is a kind-hearted character who always wants to help out but keeps accidentally doing bad things.  

In 2019, Kasing Lung entered into an exclusive licence agreement with Pop Mart the sales record in the art toy category. 

Record Auction Prices 

Some of Kasing Lung's most expensive illustrations ever auctioned were for “Mon” and sold for HK$330,200 in March of 2024. 

“Mon” by Kasing Lung is an illustration depicting a vibrant immersion into the whimsical world. Showcases Labubu and other playful characters, blending the dynamic street art flair and playful storytelling to life.  

While there are no scheduled exhibitions, the previous “EVERYBODY KNOW” exhibition in Hong Kong from 26 March to 17 April, showcases the artist’s sketches and paintings. 

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