Majority still undecided ahead of charter referendum

Majority still undecided ahead of charter referendum

A clear majority of people are still undecided whether to vote for or against the draft constitution in the Aug 7 referendum, according to an opinion survey this week by the National Institute for Development Administration, Nida Poll.

The poll, the 10th in the series, involved 1,500 people selected by ramdom sampling and interviewed by  telephone  over two days, July 25-26. All respondents were aged 18 or more with a wide range in occupations and levels of education, Nida said. 

The poll's margin of error was given as plus or minus 1.3 percentage points.

To the question on whether they had decided to vote for or against the draft charter, 59.13% said they were still undecided (a slight drop from 59.73% in the 9th survey); 33.07% said they would vote for it (up from 32.27%); 6.27% would vote against it (up from 5.93%); and, 1.53% would go to vote, but not for or against it.

Asked about the proposal that appointed senators vote along with members of the House of Representatives to elect the prime minister during the five-year transition, a bare majority, 51.27%, were still undecided (up from 48.14%); 28.13% would vote for it (down from 29.40%); 19.73% would vote against it (down from 21.13%); and, 0.87% would go to vote, but not for or against it.

The pollstsers pointed out that although the poll result showed a majority were still undecided, more people had already decided to vote for it than against it.

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