Election Commission says MFP won Sunday's election

Election Commission says MFP won Sunday's election

The Election Commission concluded its vote counting on Monday morning and announced the Move Forward Party’s victory in the May 14 general election.

EC chairman Ittiporn Boonpracong said MFP won 113 constituency MPs and 39 list seats, followed by Pheu Thai with 112 constituency MPs and 29 list MPs, Bhumjaithai with 67 constituency MPs and 3 list MPs, Palang Pracharath 39 constituency MPs and 1 list MP and United Thai Nation Party with 23 constituency MPs and 13 list MPs.

Of the other parties, the Democrats won 22 constituency MPs and 3 list MPs, Chartthaipattana 9 constituency MPs and 1 list MP, Prachachat 7 constituency MPs and 2 list MPs, Thai Sang Thai 5 constituency MPs and 1 list MP, Peu Thai Rumphalang 2 constituency MPs, Chartpattanakla 1 constituency MP and 1 list MP and Seriruamthai 1 list MP.

Other parties that won 1 list MP each were New Democracy, New Party, Thai Counties, Fair Party, Plung Sungkom Mai and Thai Teachers for People.

Mr Ittiporn said voter turnout was a record 75.22%, surpassing 75.03% in 2011.

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