Move Forward questions justice of Thaksin's return home

Move Forward questions justice of Thaksin's return home

The Move Forward Party (MFP) on Sunday took to social media to say that regarding Thaksin Shinawatra's illness and parole, many people questioned if the law was enforced with fairness and without discrimination.

The main opposition party posted the question on Facebook after former prime minister Thaksin was discharged from Police General Hospital early on Sunday morning.

The MFP wrote that many people were dubious about whether any special treatment might be evident in the enforcement of Thai law after Thaksin was allowed to stay at the hospital for 180 days without clarification on his illness and was later paroled.

Although the government answered questions on Thaksin's health and the criteria for his parole, it could not stop society from posing questions about fair law enforcement and treatment in comparison with the cases of other inmates and political prisoners.

Thai society must be free of double standards, the MFP wrote.

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra relaxes by the swimming pool in his Chan Song La residence after being paroled on Sunday. (Photo from his daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra)

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