Carabao shakes up energy drink industry with “Carabao Green Apple”

Carabao shakes up energy drink industry with “Carabao Green Apple”

Carabao shakes up energy drink industry with “Carabao Green Apple” tasty and refreshing drink that appeals to the young generation with a monthly sales target of 12 million cans in 2020

Mr. Sathien Setthasit, Chief Executive Officer of Carabao Group Plc. (CBG,) said that Carabao's vision, “World Class Product, World Class Brand”, makes Carabao committed to developing and improving product quality to meet international standards.

This applies both in terms of production and product development. The objective is to meet the needs of changing consumer behaviours. In addition, the company has enhanced its brand image to appear more modern to attract the new generation. 

"Carabao has been recognised as a specialist in the production of energy drinks in Thailand with over 18 years of experience in the domestic market. Apart from that, Carabao has expanded its production and exported to more than 50 countries around the world. Last year (2019), Carabao launched ‘Carabao Green Apple’ with belief that the new product will revamp the country’s energy drinks industry by appealing to the new generation as a tasty drink that everyone can drink at any time, making Carabao the most popular brand in Thailand. We project sales of 12 million cans per month in 2020.”

Carabao Green Apple is a drink for new generation that can be consumed any time. It’s good for all sexes and ages especially the new generation as they love to try new and creative products and have active lifestyles. The strong selling point of the drink is that it is tasty, refreshing and nutritious as it contains vitamins. The drinks use Guarana which is a natural substance. The packaging is attractive – different from energy drinks on the market, making it appealing to the new generation. The product has been successful in the UK market and the company hopes that it will be popular in the domestic market also.

Mr. Sathien added that to achieve the sales target in 2020, the company will continue extensive marketing and activities throughout 2020. The company will use a creative approach to reach consumers under the concept “Carabao Clock” that conveys the message that Carabao Green Apple can be consumed around the clock, and for all age ranges and sexes. The marketing plan includes offline and online activities, especially on social media via influencers. There will be activities such as games and music that attract new generations. In the past, CBG collaborated with Tencent in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, one of the world’s most popular esport games. This highlights Carabao’s youngster concept that underlines the company’s mission of creating good experiences for new generations. Thus Carabao will become a genuine brand for new generations.

Carabao Green Apple has sales distribution nationwide. The products can be found at leading convenience stores, including CJ Express, 7-Eleven and Family Mart. The products are also available at other shops around the country.

During the first nine months of 2019, Carabao Group maintained its 2nd largest market share in the canned energy drink format amid saturation of the energy drink market. Sales volume of other brands under the company rose 28 percent due to the company’s good logistics with distribution covering 91 percent of the country. As a result, the company recorded 10.976 billion baht in turnover, an increase of 394 million baht or 3.7 percent, from last year. Of that, 54 percent comprises sales of energy drinks in other countries with the domestic market accounting for the remaining 46 percent.

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