Dr. Puttipong Phumsuwan – the investment doctor

Dr. Puttipong Phumsuwan – the investment doctor

An investment medic. A well-known replicator in Thailand, who uses Blunt Cannula to decrease the risk of fillers to clog the arteries that causes blindness. Dr. Puttipong Phumsuwan or “Dr. Boy”, Director of AIC Beauty Clinic and Country Mentor Trainer, is the first doctor in Thailand who is certified Korean Fine Thread Lifting, and a medical instructor for filler injection.

The famous beauty doctor noted that “if we talk about beauty and investment, it means the use of resources to get a return or a result we wish in the future. This is my definition, which focuses on three areas of investment. All of them are useful and valuable. The three are financial investment, health investment, and social Investment. Firstly, the financial investment is the use of our savings to invest and expect a growing return in the future. Secondly, the health investment means the investment for our health such as going for exercise and taking food supplements, which will take time, sweat, and determination to improve our body for good health and long life. For social investment, it is related to the dress-up, clothing and cosmetics purchase as well as consulting with beauty doctor for facial and body treatments, aiming for good looking, prestigious social status, and career path. 

When asking about how similar beauty and investment are, Dr. Puttipong said “In my opinion, beauty is part of social investment. For example, investing in beautiful clothes, accessories or jewelry has an objective on socialization, benefitting work or making yourself look good to boost up your image. In addition, consulting with a beauty doctor for facial and body treatments is considered a good social investment.

He noted that his medical knowledge mostly comes from medical textbooks and he is always opened to new knowledge. 

“I make myself like a glass half empty, which can fill up more water. I’m curious to know and ready to explore new things all the time. One more thing, the world is changing with technology disruption, so it is very slow to get knowledge from medical textbooks alone. There are many new sources of knowledge in which we can use technology to improve quality, service, and marketing. Mostly, using online knowledge must be required to have a medical association. For marketing or the others, it has to focus on the reliable and applied for how effective it is.

During the Covid-19 situation, the company has adjusted itself to focus more on young generation aged between 25-35 years old, a diversification from the present older-aged customer base. It has been improving various online platforms to enhance communications efficiency with target customers and providing consulting, treatment planning, and treatment follow-up. Late this year, this online channel will also help the clinic provide knowledge on new innovations to new customers [http://aic-clinic.info/ข้อมูลบริการฉีดฟิลเลอร์].

By the end of this year, the company will launch a series of new products such as food supplement for beauty and skin to create a new source of incomes. It expects to distribute the news products via online marketing channels. 

Dr. Puttipong suggests that a doctor who wants to do business should have a good preparation. He or she must have sufficient funds to run the beauty clinic business as competition in the market is very intensified with price-cutting war at the present. Besides, the knowledge on marketing especially online marketing is needed to make the doctor well-versed. Apart from having good knowledge on medical, business management, and marketing, the doctor must maintain high medical treatment standards and have business ethics to win trust from customers. The doctor experience and the clinic’s safety and sincerity to customers are important ingredients for a success of beauty clinic nowadays.

For more information about AIC Clinic, please go to https://air-clinic.com and FB: AIC Clinic

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