Hyparc Residences Hangdong Wins Best Condominium at DOT Property Thailand Awards 2023
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Hyparc Residences Hangdong Wins Best Condominium at DOT Property Thailand Awards 2023

Hylife Developments' Hyparc Residences Hangdong secures top condo honour.

Mr. Shubhodeep Das, CEO (fourth from the left), and Ms. Pheeraya Wongsaranuchit, CMO (third from the left) of Hylife Developments Co., Ltd., a real estate development company based in Chiang Mai, alongside other executives, have been bestowed with the accolade for the Best Lifestyle Condominium in Chiang Mai.

This esteemed recognition was conferred upon Hyparc Residences Hangdong, the quintessential lifestyle condominium project in Chiang Mai that impeccably caters to the aspirations of contemporary living. Moreover, it is nestled in a prime locale within the Hang Dong district of Chiang Mai.

The Dot Property Thailand Awards 2023 ceremony unfolded at the Park Hyatt Bangkok.

Mr. Shubhodeep Das, CEO of Hylife Developments, remarked, "We are a fledgling real estate developer in Chiang Mai, having recently established our presence. It is a privilege to be named the recipient of the 'Best Lifestyle Condominium Chiang Mai Thailand 2023' award by DOT Property Thailand. As real estate developers, our focus rests on curating a living experience that distinguishes us from our counterparts. Last year, we accomplished the HyCondo Thasala Phase 1 project within a remarkably short timeframe. In recognition, we secured the Residential Condominiums category award from FIABCI-THAI. This accomplishment propels us to craft more opulent condominium ventures and strive for loftier achievements."

The distinction of the Best Lifestyle Condominium in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2023, presented by DOT Property Thailand Awards 2023, rightfully belongs to Hyparc Residences Hangdong. This attainment underscores the company's principles and steadfast dedication to crafting upscale residential condominium projects tailored to diverse lifestyles, enveloped by expatriate communities.

Through the inception of this project, the company places paramount importance on elegance, showcased by lofty ceilings that evoke a homely ambiance, accentuating the vistas of Chiang Mai's natural environs. Exclusivity reigns, with only 6 units per floor served by 2 passenger elevators, a capacious swimming pool, and comprehensive 5-star amenities, all conveniently proximate to a golf course, community mall, and more than 10 international schools.

Unwaveringly, the company persistently unveils real estate undertakings in Chiang Mai, nurturing aspirations of evolving into a fully integrated premier real estate developer. Noteworthy projects encompass HyLuxe Maerim, contemporary luxury pool villas in close proximity to the town; HyTown Maehia, Nordic-inspired home offices; and HyCondo Thasala Phase 2, a lifestyle condominium conveniently located near the Super-highway Road.

For further details, kindly contact (66)65-915-3462 or reach out via Line Official: @hylifedev. Visit www.hylife.co.th for more information.

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