Matisse tutorial helps you be a cut above

HENRI MATISSE ONLINE: Painting with Scissors. photo courtesy of London Drawing Group

Don't let work from home or self-isolation get in your way of staying creative by joining "Henri Matisse Online: Painting With Scissors", a special UK online art class organised by the London Drawing Group (LDG) and featuring tutor Frances Stanfield, who will teach you about the iconic French artist and guide you through Matisse's playful approach to art live on Jan 17 at midnight.

Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was a revolutionary and one of the most influential artists of the early 20th-century, best known for his delightfully fluid drawing style and exquisite use of colour, particularly in his simplistic cut-out works. Spanning a six-decade career, Matisse worked in all forms of media, from painting, sculpture, to printmaking.

Towards the end of his life, Matisse developed a new style to create his art. While ongoing sickness left him homebound, he became inspired by the use of paper. Moving away from drawing and painting, Matisse began to make compositions from pieces of painted paper, which the artist called as "drawing with scissors".

His famous explorations of colour and line exploded into energetic collages known as cut-outs.

LDG Frances was co-founded by Stanfield whose practice is rooted in drawing and printmaking. During the session, you can learn about Matisse's style and create your own cut-outs from a series of images which Frances will be presenting.

This is a "Pay What You Can" class. Further details are at

You can either choose to book a "Live Class + Recording" ticket or "Recording-Only" ticket via the ticket link. LDG will email you the Zoom link one day before, and again on the day of the class. If you cannot make the live event, LDG will send a recording to everyone that books the class shortly after the live session so you can watch it once within three days, at any time of day.

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