Sculptor's identity found in the abstract

Sculptural works by Alongkorn Lauwatthana. (Photo: ATTA Gallery)

Contemporary artist Alongkorn Lauwatthana will showcase new artworks that are the products of his almost 50 years of experience creating abstract and realistic paintings, at ATTA Gallery, from Saturday to Feb 20.

Titled "Tangible, Intangible … Happiness Without Thoughts", the exhibition will feature around 40 pieces, mostly sculptural objects by the 57-year-old artist whose working skills, thinking processes and emotions have resulted in a unique identity, which is the core of his creative working process.

From his past experiences of meeting people and learning about life, he questions himself as he tries to see how different his perceptions are from those of others. In doing so, he has found his unique artistic expression.

His abstract paintings were created from pure emotions, without much thinking about the results. The identity of the canvas was instantaneously created and erased at the same time as he proceeds with his paintings.

A sculptural work by Alongkorn Lauwatthana. (Photos courtesy of ATTA Gallery)

The very same process can be seen in his sculptural works as the woven craft objects lose their previous identities and gain new ones. However, one can still feel the beauty of the craft objects camouflaged under the remnants of abstract paintings.

This is where new objects and new values have been created and viewers are expected to be able to feel both the tangible and the intangible identity of the artist himself.

ATTA Gallery is located at Warehouse 30 on Charoen Krung 30 and opens Wednesday to Sunday from 1pm to 6.30pm.

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