Artist explores loneliness in the modern age
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Artist explores loneliness in the modern age

Artwork by Zhang Zhanzhan. (Photo courtesy of River City Bangkok)
Artwork by Zhang Zhanzhan. (Photo courtesy of River City Bangkok)

River City Bangkok presents "Beyond The Last Miles", a Bangkok debut exhibition by Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Zhanzhan whose work will make lonely viewers feel warm and soft in their hearts. It will be held at RCB Galleria 2, starting on Saturday and running until Aug 25.

A collaboration with ArtDepot, the exhibition features paintings, sculptures, familiar figures and new works by the 42-year-old artist who often depicts loneliness and related scenarios, constructing an empathetic experience that can relate to viewers living in modern society and allow them to introspect and reflect on interpersonal relationships.

Zhang's artistic language is complex and diverse. His latest creations maintain the consistency of his personal aesthetic principles. On the one hand, he retains his signature cartoon style, while on the other, he deepens his compositions, colour schemes and light arrangements inspired by classical masters.

Placing priority on the strength of expression, the artist has chosen to remove unnecessary decorative details and use a simple and concise artistic language to portray emotionally rich images of ordinary persons and lovable animals.

Even though we can't speculate on the protagonists' stories from their serene expressions, the solitude that is communicated through soft and concise touches in the paintings isn't lonely. Instead, it subtly conveys warmth and happiness to viewers.

There is no admission fee. Visit

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