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New places to check out the next time you're in the square

New things to do in Siam!? What an obvious story, we hear you say, dear readers! Another one about what's going on in the square mile of Bangkok's beating heart, which has been the epicentre of the city's art, culture and fashion scene since the 70s. Well, actually, new developments have occurred which simply cannot go unnoticed! And while researching the new, we found ourselves re-igniting that old flaming passion we had many years ago for the square. Some things don't change, and other things do, but it's safe to say that if you spend a day here, you'll locate that pulse that gives life to all your inspirations, be filled with new tastes and colours and perhaps pull an all-nighter working on your next big project. Read on to see why.

Pathumwan Intersection Skywalk

The renovation by Siam Synergy of the Pathumwan Intersection Skywalk that started at the beginning of 2016 via private funding is now complete, safe and can accommodate more users than ever, including the elderly and disabled. Inspired by the name pathumwan, which means water lilies, you'll notice that the skywalk features structures in the shape of lily pads to provide shade for pedestrians during the hottest moments of the day. They are also decorated with amazing contemporary designs by local Thai street artists, which are "eye"-catching, emphasis on the eye as you'll see quite a few of those, especially when looking at artist TRK's installation. We foresee this being real meeting point and even hang out-spot; why go to the mall when you can just chill and talk outside, especially now the months are cooling down? One slightly annoying thing is that the skywalk still does not connect Siam BTS to National Stadium BTS; you'll have to walk through Siam Discovery to do that, or, heavens forbid, walk along the street!

Pathumwan Intersection Skywalk is located right between BTS stations Siam and National Stadium and currently connects MBK with the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre (BACC). For more information on the concept and design of the skywalk, head to


The founders of Yelo House called it such because the first thing they saw when they entered this shoreditch style hipster warehouse was the colour yellow. The space was converted into a multi-functioned space to serve as a platform for creative-minded people. Yup, this is a place to congregate at if you're a creative and apparently the creative district shouldn't be reserved strictly for Charoen Krung. Yelo House presents a stage for creatives to showcase new ideas in the gallery space upstairs (at a not too bad price either), accommodating diverse passions, from artists to fashionistas and food stylists. You can also use the space to meet up with colleagues or new potential clients -- as designated areas are used as a working space at B4,500 per head per month. Or, if you just like all that creative jazz and you wanna spend the day getting lost in an exhibition, spend it here; there's an exhibition by Thanachai Ujjin that's to die for, but it ends tomorrow so hurry up! Gaze at art, revel in any one of the markets that are taking place -- we hear foods from the Royal Project are taking over the venue next month, woop woop! -- or spend time in the cute and bright cafe that overlooks the khlong; trust us, graffiti never looked so pretty.

Open Tue-Sun, 11am-8pm. Yelo House is located on 20/2 Soi Kasemsan 1, Rama I Road and walking distance from MBK shopping mall. By boat, get off Saphan Hua Chang Pier. For more information,


Every king should have his queen and every mermaid should have her castle, and we're sticking to that statement. This place has just got to be the coolest thing to happen to Ariel in eons. Firstly, EVERYTHING is mermaid themed, obvs. Downstairs and on the second floor, you'll have all your mermaid paraphernalia to buy, anything from mermaid-inspired outfits (tails, shiny scale leggings, shell bras, handbags and shoes), notebooks, pencil cases, stationery oh and also everything unicorn at a very, very reasonable price, might we add. We were actually quite impressed by how affordable everything was as well, considering the hype surrounding mermaid consumer products right now. Upstairs on the third floor and soon-to-be fourth floor, you have a cafe where you can have mermaid high-tea, with mermaid vanilla cupcakes and teacups made from tea sets of Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty and The Beast -- this really made our day. All this can be done while wearing unicorn horns or mermaid tales, might we add. You don't have to be below 12 to enjoy this place, trust us. Be sure to try and head there during non-peak hours... though we still can't tell you when they are because the place is constantly brimming with people, young and old.

Open daily, noon-9pm. Mermaid Castle is located on Siam Square Soi 2. For more information, visit or call 093-982-4022.


Until Nov 15, Siam Discovery is providing a space where people can donate items for sale. Money from sales are put towards granting scholarships to disadvantaged students. Yuvabadhana Foundation, Club 21 (Thailand) Company Limited and Pan (Thai for joining together and sharing with each other) have come together to create Pankan: Share-rity Room, a space to buy and give at the same time; give your clothes or things you don't want, yes, but also give simply by making a purchase, because you know your money will really go towards something impactful for our society. You can find anything from used but mint condition Prada bags that are still on the pricey side to blazers and dresses that are so pretty and pretty darn cheap too. This is like a super hi-so vintage store and if you don't head there you miss out on some pretty hot deals and valuable life lessons. We learned ours from the cushions on display which said: "Giving Is True Having".

Open daily, 10am-10pm. Pankan: Share-rity Room is located on M Floor, Siam Discovery -- The Exploratorium. For more information, call 02-658-1000 ext 3400.


If you're a member of SCB bank and you've got the SCB EASY app, then you qualify to use this co-working space which is filled with books, desks and rooms, all available for service 24 hours, every day. Did we mention there is food available 24 hours too? All of which is paid for via the app, making this a truly cashless community. The place was brimming with students working on laptops and notebooks, finishing their homework, and non-students doing their thing too. These guys also make a mean AF purple bingsu and you probably won't try one like this again. We're just loving that it's open 24 hours though; with a steady stream of Wi-Fi and a selection of steaming hot food, those late all-nighter deadlines just became a whole lot more appealing. Their signature is what looks like purple drank but it's simply a purple sugary soda and it'll get you buzzing, not lean, for sure.

Open daily, 24hr. SCB Too Fast To Sleep is located on Siam Square Soi 1. For more information, visit or call 081-899-1551.


If you're a guy and you're in Siam Square and you're annoyed about all the shops being mainly for women, then fret no further as Fat Kids Store has gotchu. The yellow-coloured store is filled with clothes for hipster men as well as cool items these men would probably buy, i.e. sunglasses, hats and Gadhouse Brad vintage record players. All the clothes are by Thai designers, with names such as Brainwashed, Pinkisthewarmestcolor, Thiti and Very/Boy/Day. You'll definitely walk out of there with something groovy. Why do they call it the Fat Kids Store though? Well, because apparently fat kids drink hot chocolate and these guys serve up one mean hot chocolate, which is not overly sweet to begin with until the marshmallow puff is dolloped on. Seriously, we would go to the store just for the hot chocolate as they don't make 'em like this anymore. The brownies aren't half bad either. 

Open daily, noon-9pm. Fat Kids Store is located on Siam Square Soi 5. For more information, visit or call 089-134-4466.

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