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Up your game with our Thai New Year adventure

While many of you are most likely out of the city for the New Year holidays, we cooked up a fun diversion that hopefully depicts the many situations of how you would be celebrating Songkran in the city with our somewhat linear mini Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style game. Would you party at one of the many (and we mean many) festivals around or are you the type who will brave the crowds on the streets and spray water at passersby? Happy holidays!Rise and shine! Wannee pen wan Songkran! Things are about to get super soaked and you need to get ready. Do you have all the necessary equipment (sunglasses, phone bag, water gun, yadom, etc.) to start your wet n wild festivities?

  • Yes, I’m ready for water war!!! Go to option A
  • No, but I’m in need of a quick escape from the heat, let’s go to a nearby 7-11. Go to option B
  • No, I need a bigger gun, let’s shop at a Big C, where they have Songkran kits and Buddha shrines for good fortune and protection. Go to option C
  • Whether you’ve chosen option B or option C, you will have ended up here in Option D where anything can happen in the great Thai holiday of Songkran. Should you...

Option A

You call your friends to meet at your place for pre-drinks. After a couple of drinks here and there, you decide to head out and join some splish-splash fun but what kind of Songkran celebration are you looking to partake in?

I'm looking to wade through crowds of people and spray water and smear powder on other people like they're Simba from

The Lion King, go to Option A.1

[A.1] Your best bet is at Silom! Be prepared to be touched without your permission, meet an army of muscly men, and prepare for an all-out water war filled with sweat, lost valuables and difficult searches for a nearby bathroom! A friend or two may get lost and separated from you and you will probably lose sight of them for the rest of the day.

I'm looking for a party to get drunk and listen to booming electronic music! Go to Option A.2

[A.2] Head down to RCA to party all-night long! Or if you've bought one of those mighty expensive passes to the many big EDM festivals featuring massive international DJs playing day by day then your destination awaits you. Some events will even gladly gift you free water guns. Your friends will probably won't be hearing from you for a while after this. Just take good care your phone alright? (Speaking from personal experience and victim of lost phones on a yearly basis).

I'm looking to get rowdy with locals and tourists! Maybe join up with crazy naked farangs streaking about or women dancing in see-through shirts and colourful bras! onwards to Option A.3

[A.3] You end up at the infamous Khao San Road. But didn't you hear the news? No such wild rowdy party will be taking place there this year. Take your dry self back to option A and try again.

Option B

You go to the nearest 7-11 and buy what items you could find such as ziplock bag for your phones and a couple of water bottles. You receive a call from your friends and they tell you to meet them over at the nearest BTS station. Head on over to Option D.

Option C

After ducking and weaving drive-by water shootings from passing cars, motorcycles and trucks, as well as kids throwing water at unsuspecting passerby who managed to get by their radius, you step into Big C, witness droves of people bathing Buddha images by sprinkling flower-scented water onto them using silver bowls. You find the biggest water gun imaginable and a ziplock bag. You receive a call from your friends and they tell you to meet them at the nearest BTS station. Head over to Option D

Option D

Play with the friendly-looking elephant that's been spraying at people? Go to Option D.1

[D.1] A water battle has commenced between you and the elephant! In the ensuing battle, you get soaked with water leaking into your ziplock bag and putting your phone out of service! Woops! Time to either put your phone in a bowl rice and pray for the best or buy a new one! Songkran just got expensive!

Drink yourself stupid with the farangs out on the street? Go to option D.2

[D.2] You've gotten really crazy drunk and have made the headlines. A photo of you in the buff (covered in mosaics of course) will haunt you forever, a mockery to be made from your friends. At least you are not a victim of drink and drive accidents. (Note: We do not endorse drink and driving during Songkran as many lives have been lost due to accidents. Stay safe people!)

Feel the need to do away with water wars and build something perhaps? Go to option D.3

[D.3] You decide to venture into the Old Town and build sand pagodas. Why not participate in a contest to see who can build the most beautiful one, decorated with flags and flowers.

Feeling traditional? Go to option D.4

[D.4] Songkran is deeply rooted in tradition, why not celebrate the way it should be by heading to the temples and receive blessings from monks? Once done, you and your mates can set out for water war feeling blessed.

Amidst all the chaos, you get cold feet and ask your friends to head back to your place for a more personal celebration. Go to option D.5

[D.5] You head back to your place with your mates for a dry Songkran. Boring! At this point we'd suggest heading out of the city for better results.

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