Perfect marriage of photos and food

Organika Cafe longs for the days of pre-pandemic packed crowds

The fresh tomato salad with buttery croutons.

Several months ago, before the worldwide lockdown, Organika Cafe was every day jam-packed with Instagram-loving tourists.

Although humbly tucked on the top floor of a six-storey arcade, the eatery, decked out to reminisce a peaceful fairy-tale forest, had hardly enjoyed a tranquil moment until now.

Today, the cafe's graceful poise and serenity is restored. It also comes with high sanitary practices and social distancing as standard.

The menu can be seen only online through the customers' own smartphone to reduce communal touching. Tables and chairs are also set farther apart.

As a camera-ready destination, every shot of the place and the dishes is guaranteed to always be impeccable. A sun roof and floor-to-ceiling glass windows give the marble-floored room a soft natural lighting. While all-white English cottage wooden furniture adds to it a genial touch.

The peaceful cafe, truly an Instagram destination, is located on the top floor of a six-storey arcade.

It's a good idea to start your visit here with luscious beverages.

From a list of house-crafted coffee, hot options that were proved truly worth having include almond caramel coffee latte (165 baht); charcoal milk foam latte (155 baht); and Irish coffee (295 baht).

For cold choices, espresso martini (255 baht) and orange espresso (245 baht) sound interesting.

All of the cafe's smoothies look irresistible. Even the least tempting-sounding drink, the spirulina smoothie, promises an aesthetic thrill.

I had a chocolate lavender smoothie (255 baht) and it was fairly good.

There's a selection of cocktail and dessert pairings (395 baht per set). It includes a Caribbean rum cocktail served with lemon mousse; a rose martini with organic panna cotta and passion fruit; and a Bourbon whiskey and orange bitter cocktail paired with dark chocolate.

The charcoal milk foam latte.

From the list of salad, I strongly recommend that you skip Caesar salad with chicken breast (310 baht) and go for the fresh tomato salad with buttery croutons (250 baht). The latter looked and tasted brilliant.

Also photogenic was the mushroom egg tart (355 baht), a thick, creamy and cheesy mushroom soup served piping hot on a crispy flower-shaped pie crust with a small serving of garden salad on the side.

The restaurant makes its own pappardelle. We had the pasta with mushroom cream (310 baht) and were satisfied. While the rigatoni with pesto sauce and Italian sausage (320 baht) could be improved with less saltiness.

A nice and firm baked salmon (370 baht) came properly cooked and seasoned, and garnished with broccolini and brown butter sauce.

The cafe's dessert repertoire is plentiful and looks mouthwatering.

However, the banoffee pie (250 baht) and whole apple crumble (320 baht) were, on my day of visit, just thrilling to the eyes but not the taste buds.

To complement the lovely venue are sweet and cordial service staff.

The mushroom egg tart.

The baked salmon with brown butter sauce.

Butterfly pea lychee soda.

The almond caramel coffee latte.

The whole apple crumble dessert.

  • Organika Cafe
  • Piman 49 Bangkok, 6th floor
  • Sukhumvit Soi 49
  • Call 02-665-1899
  • Open daily 10am-8pm
  • Park at Piman 49's car park (fee applied)
  • Most credit cards accepted

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