Time to improve your recycling game

(Photo courtesy of Bring Back Recycle website)

Separating garbage can become your routine to reduce waste and help save the environment.

Those piles of recycled items may be kept in your storeroom or in a corner of your kitchen while you look for a convenient place to give them away.

To help you find the drop-off spots, the Bring Back Recycle website (bringbackrecycle.com) has been introduced, in a joint effort by Thai Beverage, Precious Plastic Bangkok Group and Won Project of TPBI, a manufacturer of plastic packaging.

The website gathers about 440 places nationwide that have containers for collecting recycled items. You can select items you want to drop off such as plastic bottles, aluminium cans, papers, plastic bags including plastic shrink wrap, and plastic bottle caps. The website will find locations for you.

You can also search by province and the results will appear as green dots on the Google map on the website. When you click on each dot, it will link to the drop-off places such as a petrol station, hypermarket or shopping mall. The information also includes addresses of those drop-off sites, types of recycled items and the name of the party that will recycle the items for you.

According to Thai Beverage, it aims to promote post-consumption packaging management and encourage end-users to sort out their waste so that recyclable packaging can be properly managed.

Won Project will recycle plastic bottles, caps, cups, bubble film, plastic bags or mailing bags. It will upcycle items to be bags, face mask holders and work with its business partners to produce shirts or monk robes from PET bottles.

Precious Plastic Bangkok, on the other hand, will recycle plastic caps for garden pots.

Please remember your single-use plastic bags and other recycling items should be clean and dry before giving them to the recycling project.

Visit bringbackrecycle.com for more information.

Precious Plastic Bangkok turns plastic caps into gardening pots. photo courtesy of Precious Plastic Bangkok

Clean plastic bags can be recycled. Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill

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