National Library expands online services

The National Library of Thailand invites everyone to keep learning during the Covid-19 pandemic by using its digital library, which provides easy access to knowledge of all kinds while we are stuck at home.

Initiated three years ago, the digital library has been further developed with new innovations and now compiles more than 2,200 titles of e-books from many printing and publishing houses; more than 7,000 online newspapers and magazines in 60 languages from 100 countries; as well as 1,900 titles of rare and ancient books in electronic versions.

These e-books are available for digital reading via two channels -- directly from and through the NLT Library application that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android operating systems.

For those interested in knowledge about Thai culture and heritage, the national library has developed databases to collect manuscripts and they are available online in four categories -- stone inscriptions, palm leaf manuscripts, Thai manuscripts and manuscript storage cabinets. They can be accessed via

Recently launched is a video series titled "Nangsue Dee Mee Hai Fung (Good Books For Listening)", which provides fun and interesting stories from a selection of classic books. The videos are available at and YouTube and in a podcast format from


photo courtesy of National Library


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