Discover Grand Seiko birch dial
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Discover Grand Seiko birch dial

Uniquely inspired by the scenery around Shizukuishi Studio

Discover Grand Seiko birch dial

The richness of nature represents the nature of time according to the philosophy of ‘Nature of Time’ chosen by the Grand Seiko designers to convey the form of the dial Grand Seiko Birch Forest. Thanks to its distinctive birch trunk pattern, Grand Seiko Birch Dial instantly won the hearts of watch lovers around the world. The birch dial creates the same sense of beauty that a visitor to the birch forest receives, bringing the owner closer to nature.

The birch forest dial comes in several variations, including white birch which emulates white birch forest scenery near Shizukuishi Studio, home of Grand Seiko’s mechanical timepieces. The automatic mechanical Evolution 9 collection, model SLGH005 “White Birch” features Hi-beat 80-hour power reserve. The shifting lines of the white birch forest are reproduced together with rough sandy texture accentuated by the brilliant shine of the case and stainless steel bracelet like fine jewellery. SLGH005 White Birch quality is testified to by Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve 2021 (GPHG) and Best of the Best Red Dot Design 2022 awards.

Evolution 9 SLGH011 Green Birch reinterprets the green leaves of white birch forest. The dark green birch pattern dial accentuates the hour markers complemented with bright silver hands that give great legibility. Every hour marker is sharply cut into multiple facets and fluted in the middle to reflect light and shadows, complementing the sparkle of the hands. The silver sparkle of the stainless steel case and strap is also enhanced by the dark green birch pattern, creating a graceful intensity and subtlety. Zaratsu polished finish and crisp lines are interspersed with hairline textures creating a distinctive style. 

Evolution 9 SLGH017 Night Birch, the latest model in the series, evokes night time in the birch forest with black contrasting against the high-density titanium case. The titanium surface is finished with distortion-free Zaratsu polish interspersed with a hairline finish. The dimensional roughness of the black dial is contrasted with the luminosity of the hour markers and shimmering hands, making the dial clearly legible from all angles. The meticulously cut and grooved hour markers are the same width as the cut end of the hour hand. The solemnity of the birch-patterned black dial creates a different beauty with a deep dimension that mesmerises.

All three Birch collection models feature clear glass backs and a perforated rotor showcasing the beauty of the ‘Hi-beat’ mechanical bridge design. The 80-hour power reserve, Caliber 9SA5, features a gentle curve inspired by the shape of Mt. Iwate leaning towards the Shizukuishi River. All based on Grand Seiko’s Nature of Time philosophy and inspiration. 

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