Eco-friendly adventures await at Paragon
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Eco-friendly adventures await at Paragon

(Photo courtesy of Amazing Green Fest)
(Photo courtesy of Amazing Green Fest)

The Tourism Authority of Thailand and The Cloud is organising "Amazing Green Fest 2024", a premier sustainable tourism festival, between August 15-18 at Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon. The event is designed to elevate the Thai tourism industry and will feature shops, exhibitions and creative activities, all aimed at driving Thai tourism towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability is a global agenda and it's not just the responsibility of the government but businesses and individuals can also contribute to this cause. Tourism, which generates significant income for Thailand, plays a crucial role in this effort.

The Cloud has been championing sustainability for seven years through interviews, seminars and travel experiences, but now it has partnered with TAT to organise "Amazing Green Fest 2024". This festival seeks to create a community dedicated to making sustainable tourism a reality on a large scale.

At the festival, visitors will encounter entrepreneurs who focus on sustainable tourism, ranging from small boutique hotels to local community tours, shops and restaurants using sustainable ingredients. Attendees will also meet artisans who create handicrafts based on traditional knowledge and experts in sustainable tourism from both TAT and communities throughout Thailand.

The event will be divided into five main zones

Zone 1: Green Tourism

Explore creative exhibitions that educate travellers on the meaning of sustainable tourism. Engage with experts from TAT and local communities to deepen your understanding.

Zone 2: Green Business

Discover booths from various tourism operators committed to sustainability. Selected by TAT and The Cloud, these include hotels, tours with special promotions, and handicraft shops that build on local wisdom.

Zone 3: Green Learning

Attend seminars on sustainable tourism, including the Amazing Green Stage, which offers updates and insights for the general public. The Hotelier 2024 seminar will provide valuable lessons from leading entrepreneurs to elevate Thailand's hotel and tourism industry through sustainable practices.

Zone 4: Green Food

Enjoy delicious dishes made from local ingredients sourced from all over Thailand. Featured restaurants and hotels emphasise sustainability in their culinary offerings.

Zone 5: Green Playground

Participate in workshops designed for children to learn, play and develop an appreciation for nature. Experts in organising nature-based activities for youth will lead these sessions.

The "Amazing Green Fest 2024" will be held from Aug 15-18 at Paragon Hall, 5th floor, Siam Paragon. For more details, follow "Amazing Green Fest 2024" on Facebook.

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