Fake Thai Chana websites phish for personal data

Fake Thai Chana websites phish for personal data

Fake Thai Chana websites phish for personal data
An example of an SMS directing users to a counterfeit Thai Chana website. (Photo from Anti-fake News Centre website)

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has warned that fraudulent websites bearing the name of the government's Thai Chana platform are trying to steal personal information from shoppers.

The government launched www.thaichana.com and the QR code for use when people enter and leave stores and shopping centres as some businesses were given the green light to reopen on May 17.

Shops are encouraged to register with the website and customers are required to scan the displayed QR code with their mobile phone as they enter and leave the premises. 

It was created to monitor the density of people on the premises and alert people if a coronavirus patient is found in a place they visited.

Several fake websites have been found, include thaichana.pro, thai-chana.asia and thaichaia-asia. They ask users to download their apps in order to steal their information, according to the CCSA. Some people have received SMS messages on their mobile phones asking them to go to their websites to download the fake app.

The Anti-Fake News Centre on Sunday warned phone users to ignore the SMS messages and not share them with other people.

CCSA spokesman Taweesilp Visanuyothin explained on Monday that the real Thai Chana is a platform, not an app. "The real one does not have an app to download," he said.

Thai Chana has 11 million users and has enrolled 106,000 shops and other places. 

Dr Taweesilp encouraged more businesses to join for public safety.

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