NT, CHT promote 5G private network

NT, CHT promote 5G private network

NT, CHT promote 5G private network
Col Sanphachai, right, and Mr Ku, during yesterday's launch of 5G enterprise private network.

National Telecom (NT) is joining forces with Taiwanese firm Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) to provide smart solutions through a 5G private network for enterprises by July next year, aiming to drive growth as digital transformation remains popular.

The first batch of smart solutions involves more than 10 use cases in manufacturing, agriculture, telehealth, smart living and smart cities.

NT, CHT and The WhiteSpace (WSP), a mobile virtual network operator, earlier worked together to provide a 5G private network at a factory of electronics manufacturer Delta Electronics (Thailand) at Bangpoo Industrial Estate in Samut Prakan, enabling the plant to capitalise on 5G technology.

The trio signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation on a 5G private network in December last year, NT president Col Sanphachai Huvannandana said.

Augmented reality (AR) tech has been applied to the factory, including assembly training, operations and virtual equipment control.

Delta is actively testing its intelligent applications in its factories while 5G enterprise private network serves as a key communication infrastructure for these intelligent applications, he said.

NT provides the 5G core network while WSP serves as a local implementor through marketing and operations.

Delta's factory can serve as an excellent learning model for 5G technology among local manufacturers, said Col Sanphachai.

He said NT is sharpening its focus on expanding its services regarding digital platforms and software. The move could help support organisations with digital drive.

The company aims to serve the needs of niche groups of large enterprises, such as manufacturing, in the form of network sharing to help enterprises reduce investment costs and enjoy high-quality 5G services, said Col Sanphachai.

"5G enterprise private network will be operated through 26-gigahertz and 700-megahertz spectrum ranges according to the demand of enterprises," he said, adding 5G services for the public are planned on the 700MHz band.

Through the partnership, CHT will design and plan for 5G solutions in various fields, such as manufacturing, tourism, medical and financial sectors.

Shui-Yi Ku, president of CHT, said 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain will make life more convenient and change the business process.

"5G+AIoT [Artificial Intelligence of Things] can develop more forward-looking and innovative solutions, so that Taiwan's technological strength can be extended to the global market" Mr Ku said.

Chaiyod Chirabowornkul, chairman of WSP, said the 5G private network can demonstrate the strength of 5G and lay the groundwork for the 5G ecosystem.

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