AIS introduces online tool for SMEs

AIS introduces online tool for SMEs

AIS introduces online tool for SMEs

Advanced Info Service (AIS) has launched the business-to-business-to-customer (B2B2C) e-marketplace Yellow ( as a new tool to foster the Thai small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) economy.

The e-marketplace is operated by AIS's wholly-owned digital marketing arm Teleinfo Media, the operator of Thailand's Yellow Pages telephone directory service.

According to Tanapong Ittisakulchai, chief of enterprise business at AIS, the Yellow e-marketplace combines AIS's databases, digital infrastructure and solutions with alliances from various industries to ensure growth opportunities for SMEs.

Mr Tanapong said the platform allows SMEs to grow their businesses through matchmaking between sellers and buyers. Customers can easily search for products and services, or post requests for them to receive a price quote from SMEs.

He said another option was to negotiate through the chat channel.

The platform offers SMEs free membership to let them cash in on business-matching activities, said Mr Tanapong.

He said the company expects more than 1,000 SMEs to participate on the platform in the first year of operation.

Thailand has more than 3.18 million small businesses employing 12.6 million people, generating roughly 34.2% of the country's GDP.

The top three SME industries are service business, accounting for 53% of total SMEs, commerce at 33%, and the manufacturing sector with 13%.

Mr Tanapong said enabling SMEs to adopt digital transformation would equip them with new weapons and tools that create business opportunities for them and sustainable growth in the future.

A wide range of tools are also available on the marketplace to help SMEs conduct business from anywhere.

Currently AIS provides SME customers with access to its privilege programmes, including AIS SME Biz Up, which provides exclusive updates of new trends and know-how, discounts for business goods or services from partners, and services from startups under the AIS The StartUp programme. These services are offered to them at special rates.

Mr Tanapong said AIS has leveraged its strengths to support the SMEs in accordance with the company's concept of the economy ecosystem strategy, which involves digital intelligence infrastructure, cross-industry collaboration, human capital and sustainability.

Most SMEs are in need of tools or digital marketing platforms, e-commerce, or online trading platforms to leverage their ability to be more agile and reduce costs while expanding distribution outlets, customer bases, and access to new market segments. AIS understands these necessities and is willing to be a key engine supporting the growth of SME operators, he added.

AIS has focused its support on the four main SME industries: commerce, manufacturing, service and digital technology.

Mr Tanapong said businesses, especially SMEs, face challenges in four areas: communication and product delivery, partners and targeted markets, business management and market challenges.

"We believe Thai SMEs have the potential to operate their businesses, which are collectively a key economic engine for the country," he said.

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