Timely global expansion for Chinese enterprises: Opportunities and challenges in digital transformation
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Timely global expansion for Chinese enterprises: Opportunities and challenges in digital transformation

Timely global expansion for Chinese enterprises: Opportunities and challenges in digital transformation

The GSMA Asia-Pacific 5G Industry Community ("AP5GIC") Roundtable, themed "Opportunities and Requirement for Overseas Chinese Funded-Enterprises", was held successfully at the Kerry Hotel Pudong during MWC Shanghai 2024. This exclusive gathering brought together key stakeholders from governments, carriers, industry organizations, and enterprises across the Asia-Pacific ("APAC") region to discuss the digital transformation needs of Chinese enterprises in overseas market and to expand the blue ocean market for ICT services such as 5GtoB.

The roundtable was organised by GSMA, in collaboration with Huawei, China Mobile International ("CMI") and AP5GIC, the roundtable featured deep-dive discussions on various aspects of the industry, including market trends, regulatory frameworks, technological innovations, and strategic partnerships. Distinguished guest speakers from Chinese enterprises, including MinMetals, COSCO Shipping, Autoflight, ZPMC, Tuya and more, shared their perspectives on navigating the dynamic landscape of overseas investments.

Insights from Industry Leaders

The session commenced with some opening remarks from GSMA APAC titled 'Overview of APAC 5G and China Outbound', sharing a comprehensive analysis of the region's 5G landscape and the pivotal role of Chinese outbound investments.

During his speech titled "How enterprise success in digital transformation in China and oversea," Yu Jun, Vice President of ZPMC Research Institute, pointed out ZPMC's advanced practices in the port sectors both domestically and internationally. It integrates cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, IoT, and big data to enhance port operations. Yu describes and provided some analysis on the efficiency and reliability of 5G technology in data transmission; the requirements and applications of global digital transformation for 5G technologies; the challenges and management methods of cyber security and data protection for 5G technology applications.

In the speech titled 'Empowering successful digital transformation with partnership', Jeff Diwu, General Manager, Enterprise Business Department of CMI in his address, introduced the full-stack capabilities and successful experience of China Mobile in helping enterprise achieve digital transformation. Based on China Mobile's 5G capabilities and rich experience, a complete 5G-to-B full stack solution is built. The solution covers consulting services, integrated solutions, system integration, managed services, and maintenance, and integrates its own 5-layer product system integrated through China Mobile and third party ecosystem, creating new value for "Go-Global" Chinese enterprises and realizing digital transformation.

In addition, James Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Asia Pacific ICT in his session titled 'Hand in Hand with Chinese Enterprises for Global Success in the Digital Era', highlighted, "The Asia-Pacific region is the highland for Chinese enterprises to go global. We are witnessing a shift from traditional labor-intensive investments to those driven by technology and brand overseas investment."

"With the development of enterprise globalization, the growth of logistics, capital flow, and data flow also drives the rapid growth of enterprise Digital, Information and Communication Technology ("DICT") requirements. The 5GtoB, DC interconnection, and one-stop ICT services of Chinese enterprises are important opportunities for local operators to participate. Huawei will continue to strengthen cooperation with carriers in the Asia Pacific region and Chinese carriers/Sis to fully explore the digital potential and help Chinese enterprises harness the full potential of 5G in the global market." he added.

During this roundtable, Indonesia Telkomsel and IOH, Philippines Globe, Malaysia YTL, Vietnam Viettel, Cambodia TelcoTech and other APAC operators also actively shared the development progress of 5G and related vertical industries in their own countries. And enthusiastically participated in the discussion, hoping that more Chinese companies can come to develop their business there.

At the end of the meeting, Xiao Kang, Deputy General Manager of the International Enterprise Business Dept of China Mobile and Li Ying, Director of the Product Portfolio Solution Dept of Huawei, summarized the theme of the roundtable and hoped that all participants can continue to deepen cooperation: mutual trust and collaboration, prosperous ecosystem and development together.

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