Registered Nurse Service

Registered Nurse Service

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Providing NGT installation, catheter installation, IV installation, Injection and Wound care services by our registered nurse. And also consulting with patient by the online platform.

Home Visited Registered NurseNGT installation, Catheter installation, IV installation, Injection, Wound care, Accompany to the hospital

Price : THB 2,999

Case ManagementTeleconsult maximum for 50 times per year

Price : THB 629


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  • Term of Service

    Registered Nurse Visit

    1.  The Company reserves the right to decline providing other operationother than the confirmded order. 

    2. The Company reserves the right to cancel or terminate the servicein case of the customer has a contagious diseases.

    3. The customer shall preapre the medicine, medical tools and liquid food given theourgh the Nasogastric Tube.

    4. The appointment shall be compoleted after the operation has done.


    Registered nurse: Case management

    1. This customer could make the first appointment on the AppBoii platform,then the following appointment would be arranged by phone or email.

    2. The service duration is depend on the nursing diagnosis.