Arglit Boonyai

Multimedia Editor

Arglit Boonyai
22 Jun 2013

Back to square one

Management issues, quality of teaching and an emphasis on education as a business are not exclusive to Chulalongkorn University and are not something to be ashamed of.

22 Jun 2013 9
Back to square one
8 Jun 2013

Let's stop laughing at the misfortune of others

The term politically correct has no Thai translation, which is not surprising seeing as Thai politics is so far from being correct...

8 Jun 2013 6
1 Jun 2013

An online frenzy

It is an unfortunate truth that given the rapid speed of technological advancement people's attention spans have declined.

1 Jun 2013 6
An online frenzy
18 May 2013

Bad language

Our language does not excuse the inability of Thais to accept responsibility and make changes, but it offers us insight into how we can learn to respond to mistakes.

18 May 2013 6
11 May 2013

No use in cops giving online agitators a licking

What do licking your own elbow and policing the internet have in common? They are both impossible.

11 May 2013 10
4 May 2013

Life on the edge

It's easy to forget that the social media phenomenon has only been around for six or seven years and finding a solution could be a long way off.

4 May 2013 1
12 Jan 2013

Non-existent birthday

If you have lived in Thailand for any length of time you will know that matters of bureaucracy can often be more complex than String Theory.

12 Jan 2013 4
22 Dec 2012

If we're so happy, why am I so sad?

If you are reading this it means that, hooray, the world didn't end yesterday! It also means that now, there won't be anything to watch on the documentary channels. Well, unless you like fishing and motorbikes.

22 Dec 2012 13
If we're so happy, why am I so sad?
1 Dec 2012

Sexism, fame and politics boil a noxious brew

Why do people decide to enter into the world of politics? What is it that makes someone want to devote themselves...

1 Dec 2012 5
17 Nov 2012

Blurred vision over 'Evil Man from Krabi'

If you have ever wondered why there are so many Top Charoen opticians on Thailand's high streets, I may have the answer for you.

17 Nov 2012 24
Blurred vision over 'Evil Man from Krabi'