Informant 'stuck in the middle' of cops' bribery spat with gang
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Informant 'stuck in the middle' of cops' bribery spat with gang

Jang Talat Phlu: Police informant
Jang Talat Phlu: Police informant

A police informant has sought help from an emergency response Facebook page after claiming he was threatened by police officers and a drug gang he has exposed in Bangkok.

The informant, who goes by his alias of Jang Talat Phlu, said a deputy chief inspector and four other junior police inspectors came after him after he acted as a go-between for a bribe to be paid to the five officers who belong to the so-called Gang Look Moo (Piglet Gang) based at a police station in Bangkok.

The police gang is headed by a deputy chief inspector named Poo Kong Pong (Pol Capt Pong).

Fearing for his life, he said he turned to the Sai Mai Tong Rod (Sai Mai Must Survive) Facebook page, known for its active role in getting assistance to people during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Mr Jang told the webpage administrator that he found himself in a desperate situation after police raided a house in Soi Taksin 19 in Thon Buri district, where they arrested a caretaker and seized 100,000 methamphetamine tablets in August last year.

Shortly after the raid, Mr Jang said he received a phone call from someone named Coke Bovi, who asked that he persuade the police gang not to arrest the owner of the drugs. The police demanded one million baht in exchange for not pressing charges, with the owner subsequently bargaining the sum down to 500,000 baht.

Mr Jang said he recorded the phone conversation between the police gang and the drug owner before he paid the bribe.

Police still nabbed Coke Bovi early this year, prompting the bribe's financier to call Mr Jang and demand a refund. Mr Jang said he arranged to meet Pol Capt Pong at a nightspot in Talat Phlu to discuss the refund but sent a friend instead as he feared a trap.

Pol Capt Pong detained the friend and refused to return the money, although relented when Mr Jang threatened to release audio of the earlier bribe being discussed. Ever since, Pol Capt Pong and his gang have terrorised his family, Mr Jang said, adding the drug gang was hounding him for a refund.

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