Public urges airlines to cut ticket prices
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Public urges airlines to cut ticket prices

Both the Transport Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) are being urged to take the necessary actions to keep airfares at reasonable prices, after consumers cried foul over expensive airfares during the weekends and long holidays.

Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, a list-MP of the United Thai Nation Party, said on Sunday both agencies and relevant authorities should consider interventions to make air travel affordable which in return will benefit the government's tourism promotion policy and efforts towards stimulating the economy.

His remarks follow complaints on social media about skyrocketing air ticket prices from Bangkok to Krabi, a popular tourist destination, during weekends and long holidays. The price on some airlines reportedly exceeds 10,000 baht. 

The MP said expensive airfares during long holidays have appeared to become the norm and urged relevant agencies to regularly examine the prices to ensure customers are not being taken advantage of.

He said authorities should also inform the public about the airfare structure and price regulations, adding that the prices of last-minute bookings tend to surge higher than average so people should make travel plans and book tickets in advance to avoid expensive airfares.

Mr Thanakorn said expensive airfares not only dissuade tourists from travelling but also add financial burdens to those returning to their home provinces during the weekends and long holidays.

"Relevant agencies should take actions to make airlines adjust their prices. They may consider adding flights, aircraft or airlines to make the market more competitive," he said.

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