Butoh's back in Bangkok

Butoh's back in Bangkok


Witness the Japanese post-war art of butoh right here in Bangkok in About Kazuo Ohno: Reliving The Butoh Diva's Masterpieces by dance artist Takao Kawaguchi, to be held next week at Chang Theatre.

The dance performance About Kazuo Ohno was inspired by the late Japanese artist and one of butoh's pioneers Kazuo Ohno. Revived with aesthetics by Kawaguchi, this riveting form of dance theatre is performed in slow motion and traditionally white body make-up. Butoh originated in Japan in the late 1950s under the work of master choreographers Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno. Its form reacted and challenged Japan's then dance scene. which was filled with Western imitation and traditional Japanese style.

About Kazuo Ohno was first performed in 2013 in Tokyo and has since been performed around the world. Dancer and choreographer Kawaguchi studied Ohno's craft through photographs and videos of the late master to imitate his intricate movements.

Kawaguchi was previously a member of the Japanese multidisciplinary artist collective Dumb Type, which was founded in the 1980s. Some of his well-known performances include A Perfect Life Until Today and The Ailing Dance Mistress.

At Kawaguchi's solo performance, audiences will be treated to a small exhibition, "Modern Dance To Butoh From Kazuo Ohno Archive", inside the venue's lobby.

Interested dancers and performers also can join Kawaguchi's special body sculpture workshop which will give participants insights into his process in analysing and recreating Ohno's movements. The workshop is free and will be held on Oct 27, 1-4pm, at Chang Theatre. However, only a maximum of 20 participants are allowed. Those who are interested in joining should contact Chang Theatre via its Facebook page as soon as possible, or call 099-213-5639.

Sponsored by the Japan Foundation, About Kazuo Ohno: Reliving The Butoh Diva's Masterpieces will take place at Chang Theatre (Pracha Uthit 59) on Oct 26 and 27 at 7.30pm, and Oct 28 at 2pm. Tickets are 700 baht. For more information and reservations, message Chang Theatre's Facebook page or call the number above.

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